My Beliefs
I have been asked several times what religion I believe in. While I find this a very personal question, I will answer here.
In the broadest terms I am a neo-pagan.  I consider myself an Eclectic Shamanic Kitchen Witch. 
I am not Wiccan but I find the Wiccan Rede fits closely with the way I try to live my life. 
For those who are uninformed, Wicca is a nature and nurture based religion,  believing in balance and harmony in all things.
Wiccans are not evil or negative people in general, but as with any group, there can be some bad eggs in the bunch.
Wiccans follow a simple rule called the Wiccan Rede, and strive to return to nature as much as possible of what has been taken from it.
Most witches are responsible, environmentally aware people who are often seen surrounded by pets and silver jewelry.
Yes, many witches wear black clothing.  This is generally because black is an easy to wear colour, doesn't show dirt as much, and if all your clothing is black, it makes deciding what to wear and co-ordinating your wardrobe so much easier.  In all seriousness, it may be because many witches find their way to paganism through the gothic lifestyle, so the wardrobe carries over.
Contrary to the images portrayed on TV or in movies,  modern witches do not fly, shoot lightning out of our hands,  change into cats, or do any of the neat stuff Sabrina does. Many witches have unusually intelligent pets, but that mostly stems from the habit of treating everything as an equal, so pagan pets get treated like people and some act like people. What we can do is work with visualization and positive thinking, work with the energy which gives all life its spark,  and make changes in our lives and those of people around us by our actions, so long as we have the permission of  those who may be affected and that it is for the good of all and with harm to none.
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