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Since I looked around and saw so many dark pages that were practically illegible I have decided to make this place a little brighter and more civilized looking. People have told me they were waiting for pictures of me so they are here, as well as (finally) a proper list of what you will find on and linked to this site. I've given up for the most part on the fonts having had one too many hard drive crashes and lost many of the fonts I had gathered. I have given in to adding a page relating to a celebrity, something I had never intended to do.
Most of my updates are on my LiveJournal, but sometimes I throw something new in here. There are always links to add, links to update, and links to remove as well as more pics to place here. As with everything this will happen a bit at a time, so check in when you can and see what's new. I'm still fond of Danko Jones and Diamond Dave Roth. I just love guys with style who can carry off a fedora and still rock the house.
By the way, I love leather, and yeah, I'm a bit kinky.

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The Index!

  • Warnings for Women Using the Web
  • My pictures
  • My beliefs
  • My dream homes
  • Links
  • Some things to let you know what I am like
  • My own personal loony bin, newly relocated and odd as ever... The old posts may yet make a comeback.
  • Xavi's Own Xander Zone (five pages and counting...)
  • My Webrings and Groups
  • Me and My furbabies
  • My Thoughts on Mortality
  • Art I like, and links to more
  • My Costuming
  • More of My Costuming
  • The Kitties

  • Power Pets - The Greatest Virtual World site on the Internet!

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