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"The Temple of Hatshepsut Webring a webring for sites belonging to women!"

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Webrings are a way of linking Sites that share a common interest, and all are linked together by the Ring Banner. By using the Navigational Ring Banner, visitors can access any or every site in this ring. Hatshepsut's Webring is for sites that belong to females of all ages and is dedicated to the memory of Pharaoh Hatshepsut Maatkare. For More information on Pharaoh Hatshepsut please visit the main page by clicking on the cartouche.

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The Temple Of Hatshepsut

Please read the Basic Webring Rules

1. You must be a female. Age is not important. Also, Please do not submit a site that is not created yet. Over the last several months there have been several sites that were submitted that were not started.

2. No sexism, racism, crulty, pornography or hate pages allowed. Your page may not link to pages or sites that promote these subjects.

3. The Site's subject matter can be on any topic that does not break rule #2. Site must also have some information or content on it and should be at least started. If you have a question about that email me.

4. The Site cannot be a "links only page", or if your site is not built.

5. The Site must be in English or have an English option

6.The Ring Banner MUST be displayed on one of the following: site Home Page or linked from the Main Page on specific webring page. A LINK back to this page is not correct.

You must place the HTML code on your site; you will not be placed in the Ring until it is there. You have 14 days to add the HTML code correctly to your site or you will be deleted automatically from the Queue. The HTML code must be placed on the Home Page you register or on a webring page that is linked to from your main page . You may alter the HTML code to add a background color that matches your site's color scheme. For Webring Code Help visit My HTML Code Help Page. If you remove the code from the site, it will be removed from the Ring. All sites are reviewed before they are added to the Ring. If your site is in violation of any of the above rules, your site will not be added to the Ring.

If you agree to the above Rules and Requirements, we welcome you to join the Ring! The first thing you need to do now is Submit your Site by clicking the SUBMIT link on the top Navigation Bar.

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Hatshepsut Webring was created December 1997.

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