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Kurt Russell Escape's From The Watchtower

And You Thought New York Was Hard

Child Suffering In StreetWhy Does God Permit Suffering ?

Here Are Four Different Opinions

1. God Not All Powerful ?
2. God Lacks True Justice ?
3. God Forsakes His Power To Allow Man Free Will
4. It is Not God's Appointed Time ?

We may not be able to meet our financial obligations and God may or may not supply us money, cures to our sickness, nor an end to the mental and physical abuse put on us from others, but, according to Christian theology, for those with faith, he will supply some type of mental "comfort", "strength" and an "inner peace." This is all we can expect from God and nothing else. No shoes are provided or cures to our illnesses or injustice removed from unjust governments and corrupt people, rather we can only expect some type of mental "strength" and "comfort" that aids us to carry on for our survival and an inner "strength" that can only come from having true faith and total dependence on God.  (1 Cor 13:9; Heb 11:1-8)


A good book by Dr. Richard Carlson.

Chubby Checker Doin' His Thing......Immorality And The Twist ?

According to the Watchtower this dance has "its origin in pagan fertility dances." Yet, in the bible, King David was so joyful in serving Jehovah, that he not only sang, but would actually dance for God. On one occasion, as David danced, he even took off some of his clothes ! And in front of the all the Women in Israel ! When his wife Michal became annoyed and embarrassed for him, she told David that he acted foolishly. David then reprimanded her and Jehovah approved. Not only did Jehovah find David's singing, dancing and removal of some of his garments acceptable, but he also punished his wife Michal, making her barren of children, for her criticism of David. Certainly, if King David were living up to Watchtower standards, none of the above would be tolerated. (2 Samuel 6:14-16, 20-23)

Soldiers Praying Before Battle

Can Christians Go To War ?

Does God Take Sides In War? How Can One Be Loving His Neighbor and Killing Them At The Same Time? Is complete pacifism on every occasion the only answer for a true follower of Christ?

The Insidious Genius of Frederick Franz and The Current Teachings
of The Watchtower Society

NEVER COMPLETED THIS PAGE: Here is the man, Frederick Franz, who has been responsible for just about all of the "new light" and new intellectual understandings of the Watchtower Society's scriptural interpretations, with the elaborate prophetic "anti-types" "classes" and numerical explanations from the years of Joseph Rutherford's presidency to the end of his own presidency in 1992. But sadly, intellect is not the same as truly serving God with a good and honest heart. To the detriment of millions of others, the ingenious and in-depth articles in the thousands of publications, were slanted, angled and bent in the direction of loyalty to a man made organization, over the sole service and worship to God alone, showing the intentions behind the interpretations of scripture to be directed by men, and not by God's Holy Spirit. "Let God be found true and every man be found a liar." (Rom 3:4) This result has been nothing short of intellectual dishonesty. And the majority of these same teachings continue today.

Search The Bible and Strong's Concordance
Search the King James Version of the Bible and Strong's Concordance along with Nave's Topical Bible, Torrey's New Topical Textbook, Vine's Dictionary of New Testament Words, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Thematic Subject Guide And Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary and search The New International Version New American Standard Bible, New King James Versionm NIV formatted (New Testament), Revised Standard Version, Darby Translation
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Good Place To Go For Watchtower Quotes

Hate Mail From Whoever

Up Until Now, I have Been Deleting The Hate Mail I Am Receiving From Some Witnesses or Whoever. Now You Can Read Some Of These As These Are Received. Many Of The Abusive Letters Are Written By Persons Who Refuse To Supply Their Return Address. Most Of The Mail Are From Good Fine Persons Who Do Not Mail Abusive Letters, However There's Always One In Every (Great?) Crowd.

607 BCE plus 2520 years equals 1914 CE

1975: The Appropriate Time For God To Act - By Raymond Franz
607 BCE And The 1914 Doctrine - By Jan S. Haugland and Carl Olof Johnson
The Generation of 1914 - By Jan S. Haugland
Watchtower False Prophecies - By Paul Blizzard

The Theory Of Watchtower Reform

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Non - Watchtower Corner

Christian Rock Music

The music and subculture can be a great tool for teaching persons about the Christ and attempting to know him. However, in most cases, faith in Christ to achieve personal salvation over shadows loving our fellow man. Christ tells us that in order to really know him, and be "saved", we must be loving our neighbor as ourselves. While the message of putting faith in Christ for personal salvation may be true, the more important meaning of the Christ: love, mercy, forgiveness and compassion of our fellow man is the only obligation of man.

The Fundamentalist Christian

True Christianity is about love, agape love. It's all about our treatment of our fellow man. Sadly, many church goers rely soley on faith in Christ, sacrifice and knowledge for personal salvation, putting it far ahead of forgiveness, mercy and kindness to all the people they meet. While others are mildly lost in either in scripture, religion, culture or tradition and are not far from being balanced individuals, truly being kind and just individuals.


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