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Ohayo! We are Namiko (on the left) and Shironami (on the right). This is our little apartment. We have lots of things for you to see and do and download. Right here in the front hall is a little map of the place, to help you out, and our guestbook is on the little stand. Sign it, kudasái! In Namiko's room there's lots of stuff on El Hazard, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo (including Pretty Sammy!), and Dragonhalf. In Shironami's room there is Project A-Ko and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. In the living room is our music collection, in MIDI, MP3, and real audio format. In the den we have all the games and toys, like Sailor Moon ROM's and desktop themes. In the kitchen/dining room are recipies and our picture gallery, right now featuring pictures from Otakon '99. And speaking of Sailor Moon, we love her so much we have a whole room dedicated to her, between the den and Namiko's room. If you follow our exit sign, you'll find links to other places you might like to visit. Right underneath that is the door to the porch, with all sorts of stuff about the real world (What? You mean Sailor Moon isn't real?) That should about cover it! Ja ne!

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