The Anything-Goes Anime Dojo

Well, to keep the dojo afloat, we've taken on a few additional residents that help us pay the bills. We are always remodeling. I'd better show you around, or you'll wind up as lost as P-chan!

Training Training Training Enter training at the Anything Goes Martial Arts training grounds. Meet Ranma's friends (and enemies!) Of course, to see Nabiki's Ranma-chan photo albumn, it's going to cost you 1000 yen each... that means you, Kuno-baby.
Kitchen Once you've trained in endurance from the main Training Hall, you might able to survive Akane's cooking. Unique recipies! And all you can eat!

Oracle of Panda
Consult the Oracle of Panda. Try it now, and you can See China! Seriously, visit the Oracle. Generous offerings of food will be accepted.

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