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This is a page dedicated mainly to japanese drama, and of course the many lovely and talented actors and actresses. To attract traffic, i've decided to load up the page with some J-pop (mostly from doramas) real audio and mp3.

Please take a look around. Sorry, it's just like my home, it's messy and a bit chaotic but you should be able to find..some stuff.

September, 2000.
Hi all! i haven't forgotten about this little page or gotten tired of the japanese dramas. NOT at all, there are plenty i still NEED to watch. Sorry i haven't been updating. As to the music, well, let me know if you can't find them from Napster. ;-D OR let me know when Napster has been forced to end its service [how pitiful that would be, i would not like to see the day-partly because i haven't gotten my napster program to work properly yet!] Yikes, can they see that things need to change sometimes for good!? and that includes the way music is distributed! i hope that in the end, creativity and fresh ideas will win the day. okay enough with my blab, for now anyways! ;-0

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I would like to dedicate this page to all the great japanese dramas i've seen...and of course my favorite japanese actors and actresses...
Little Blab/ short reviews by this j-drama fanatic...

  • For those of you who have not seen Nurse On Onna, starring the funniest Japanese actress around these days, Arisa Misuri, go and see it now. you, like me will not regret it! for so long i've stubbornly avoided this drama despite repeated recommendations by others because i just can't see how a story about nurses can be interesting. Wrong!
  • i know Beautiful life is old news, but for those of you who haven't seen it, don't worry about it because in my opinion, you aren't missing much. Takuya kimura's cool hairstyler character and his equally cool-looking sidekick/assistant could not save the day, and takako tokiwa is her usual annoying self. The story isn't original, the plot uninteresting and the characters lacking depth and likability. it's definitely over-rated!;-0 it tells you, once again, that popularity can have little relations to quality. [this stormed t.v ratings of the season, surpassing the highly anticipated drama, Love 2000 starring takeshi kaneshiro and miho nakayama.]
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    Top right: from "God, please give me more time"
    Bottom Left: Beach BOys w/ takashi and yutaka

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