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Hello and welcome to all anime fans and interested onlookers.

I came up with the idea of a ratings page a few months ago after a Usenet thread discussing the loathsome nature of the anime "La Blue Girl". After engaging in some rational discussions with intelligent people (and volatile arguments with irrational people) I decided to create a page where anime could be rated so people would know what kind of images occur in an anime feature before they saw it. (One person with whom I spoke told me how a video store clerk was assaulted by parents who had rented "La Blue Girl" for their children to watch; they simply looked at the cover, and did not know or bother to find out the contents of that anime.)

The ratings you will find here are based on submissions from anime viewers; my opinion holds no more weight than anyone else's. I am not trying set myself up as a self-appointed censor; rather, I want people to be able to make their own judgements on what is appopriate viewing matter.

Choose one of the seven options below to continue:

Go to the Ratings Data Page to search for a title and find out if it has any objectionable content.

Go to the Ratings Comments Page to read the comments and opinions of people like yourself on different anime titles.

Go to the Data Entry Page to add your ratings and comments of anime features.

Read opinions and news items on anime censorship, and find out how to stop it.

Learn how the anime titles are rated based on your input.

An open letter on why this page exists.

Links to other anime related web pages.

What the page's purpose is:

- to provide fan-based ratings of anime features
- to let people know an anime feature's objectionable content
- to provide news on censorship activities against anime

What the page is not:

- not for profit
- not an opinions page; factual information it its purpose
- not a personal sounding board; ratings are based on your input

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