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This website was first uploaded Friday August 15, 1997. Many things have been added since, but if it seems a little quiet to you, that's because I've been busy lately with a number of other projects. In particular the first half of 1998 was taken up with the Enigma Design Team working on Enigma's miniatures wargame ruleset, "Tactical Strike". It's currently available as shareware at:
In the fall of 1998 I joined the Star Wars Total Conversion team as a level designer to produce a total conversion of Quake 2 into the Star Wars universe. If you're interested you can visit us at:

Click here to visit Star Wars - Call of the Force

I have written a design document for the Star Wars TC about Lightsaber Combat.

Now, on to the miniatures wargamming stuff:


Warhammer 40k - Second Edition (will update soon...)

  • Legion of the Damned
    Download 599k ZIPfile of 300dpi GIFs of Legion Banner, Character Card for Centurius and Squad Card for his squad.
  • Razorback DataFAX
    Download ZIPfile containing GIF of Space Marine Razorback DataFax.


  • Ultramarine Scouts
    On an urban combat training mission into the depths of the Underhive - Under Construction
  • Gang Roster
    Download ZIPfile containing Excel 5 format gang roster - semi-automatic.


  • Mob Roster
    Download ZIPfile containing Excel 5 format mob roster - semi-automatic.
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