Welcome to my world . . . welcome to my world . . . welcome to my world of joy! Welcome weary travelers to yet another sensless and pointless webpage! Well, I guess it's not totally pointless: it does after all serve to promote my ego in some small way. Perhaps I should let you decide for yourself the worth of my pages, eh? Alrighty! Go for it. Browse on through to the other side, and when you're done, drop me a line to let me know what you like and don't like. Have fun!

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Contents Of My Mind

What's Sampo Anyways? - Well, here's where you can find out!
The MUSH Vault - A brief look at a MUSHey world, and my place in it.

The Written Word - An area devoted to poetry and stories.

Haikeeba! - My small shrine to the insatiable and always sassy crew of the S.O.L.
Links - to Other places (Duh).
Toon In, Zone Out - Cartoon mania!

Direct your inquires and grievances to dragyn@rocketmail.com.

Graphics by Bimsan
Graphics by Bimsan

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