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Or, an Acorn within Oak Leaves in annulo vertMadoc's Story : Lucilla's StoryPurpure, a Lark volant and in chief, four Mullets fesswise argent

Or a Laurel Wreath vertThe Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. is a non-profit, international, educational, middle ages and renaissance re-creation club dedicated to re-creating the High Middle Ages not as they were, but as they should have been. Each member of the SCA adopts a persona and a time period to emulate. They then research the way that persona would have lived - clothing they would have worn - foods they would have eaten - activities they would have pursued - and attempt to recreate these activities at Events, held weekends throughout the country. Many of these events involve tournaments, feasting, dancing and music, bazaars, royal courts, and other medieval activities, but they all have one common thread. They are fun! Check out some photos from one of the week-long wars that takes place every year in Pennsylvania.

Vert, two trumpets in saltire, bells to chief, orHeraldry is an important part of the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. It provided recognition on a crowded battlefield or in tournaments, it enabled kings to recognize brave deeds among their people by awarding "augmentations", and later it provided a means of identifying genealogical or familial relationships. In the Society for Creative Anachronism, we use heraldry to enhance the aesthetics of the environment in which we play, and for personal recognition. Visit the SCA Heralds home page to find out about the 'inner workings' of the SCA College of Arms.

A&S BadgeThe Arts and Sciences encompass everything from dance and music, to brewing and sewing, to the making of armor and weapons. There are literally thousands of pursuits available to the student of the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. Among the members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, you can find someone somewhere who indulges in just about every possible endeavor. Visit the SCA Arts and Sciences page for a taste of something special...and links to other interesting sites.

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