I would like to tell you about our Moose Lodge in Conneaut, Ohio and introduce you to some main people who play a big part in what we have accomplished.

Hi there and welcome to Conneaut Moose Lodge #472. We have just recently moved to a beautiful location on the Lake (Lake Erie that is). We were in this little dark club before the move that was often referred to a dungeon. We had a nice amount of membership before the move but since the move our memebership has gone thru the ceiling. The place we are in now (Our NEW Home) is located right on Lake Erie, it has a zillion windows in it (I feel bad for our cleaning lady). It has 3 operating bars. The upstairs bar is the main bar that is open always. The downstairs bar is open on Friday Nights and the DECK (yes we have a beautiful deck that overlooks Lake Erie) is open on the weekends (weather permitting). Since the move and all the new members we have earned the Moose Club of the Year award and my boss tells me that we are 2nd in the state of Ohio for highest membership...Pretty good for a little town in Ohio huh??? We get so many out of town guests and its so fun meeting these people. They come in off their boats to visit us at our new home. We also have a motel right next door for people to stay at if they should come to see us and want to stay awhile.

We just had our grand opening September 18th and 19th at our lodge. There were so many people from out of town and Big people from alot of different moose clubs. We had a ribbon cutting ceremony to kick off the festivities with alot of our Big people from our town attending. We even made the local paper!!!

I have lived in this town all my life and have never seen a water spout...TIL we moved down to the lake. I finally saw my first one a few months ago. Watching storms come in across the lake is just out of this world. There are no words to express what a site it really is. This gorgerous Rainbow was taken out on our deck at the club.

We are having an enrollment this weekend (September 30th) and we will be honored with the presence of Ray Kesling, Supreme Governor for 1999-2000. This is truly an honor and we look forward to meeting Ray and serving him.

Welcome to Conneaut Moose Lodge #472 Ray!

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