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Hello and Welcome to SMG-UK.

This is a new Sarah Michelle Gellar fansite on the internet. But it is one with a difference - it concerns mainly her activities from this side of the atlantic - in the UK and in Europe in general. From now on in this section we will be informing you of the latest news.

UPDATE: 5/6/2000
Buffy will be on Wednesday evening this week. 6:50 pm on BBC2. Not sure why? But I'm sure the BBC has some reason why! Anyway dont forget to tune as we seem to be approching the departure of Angel and Cordelia - if last week was anything to go by - there's a storm ahead!!!

Sarah won "Best Female Performance" at the MTV Movie Awards. Sarah and Selma Blair also won the "Best Kiss Award" for their 'encounter' in Cruel Intentions. And they demostrated why the won the award!

Oh dear! Sarah has lost her title as the Sexist Woman in the World in FHM's annual pole. She came in a third behind Brittney in 2nd place and Jennifer Lopez who topped the pole.

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