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  With the release of UAE, anyone with a PC, Mac or UNIX thing can run most 'classic' Amiga software. If you don't have UAE, you can visit the Official UAE homepage, or the WinUAE homepage.

  The following links take you to things I wrote for the Amiga a long time ago. You can download ADF files (which have been zipped, so you'll need winzip or something to unzip them) for use with UAE, there is a link to Aminet if you have a proper Amiga and would prefer LHA files. The pages also contain details about the games and screenshots of them running in WinUAE.

Go to the Fatal Mission page
Go to the Fatal Mission 2 page
Go to the Fatal Mission 3 page
Go to the Disasterware Disk 1 page

I can also recommend the following legal Amiga Emulation sites:
Go to Back to the roots
Go to Ami Sector One
They have many great Amiga games and more to download/view.

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