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  This page is best viewed in 800*600 in 32000 colours or better. Sorry for the graininess and poor transparency of the animated graphics. I thought I might as well have an ongoing project to work on for when I'm really bored, but don't expect it to be ready anytime soon (1999?). If there's a lot of interest in it and people offer to help, mainly graphics work and level design (fat chance) it may get done sooner.

  It will be something like Salamander (try the version on Sparcade) or StarGunner. But I feel there is a lot of potential for making something a bit more original, if adding a 'shop' section makes things more interesting, think what else you could put in.

Tech specs for '4' (subject to changes)

Game type:
Target machine:

2D vertical/horizontal Shoot 'em up with parallax and transparency
P133 min. P2 or equaivalent with AGP or better recommended
SVGA 640*480*16 (65K colours) 30 fps

Some trial graphics for '4'


Thing 1, destroy it and collect the glowing thingy for power-up credits (original or what?)


Thing 2, looks a bit too similar to the ships in StarGunner at the moment.

  If anyone would like to donate graphics or offer to draw/render some, that would be great, send me mail.

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