Good, Bad and the Ugly

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Harley on Patrol

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Harley on Patrol - 7418 BytesThe day is nearly done, so I begin preparation for the evenings' guard duty, for I am the protector of house, yard, and family after the sun goes down.  Sleep for me will not come again until tomorrow's sunrise. Naps are OK though ... Don't let my disinterested posture fool you ... this particular pose is why I am such a good guard cat. I look like I'm asleep, but I'm not really. I always have one eye open. I am a good sized cat, about 13 pounds and was born in the Summer of 1993.

Go visit Boomer the CRAZY Cat!

Harley in Ready Mode - 9638 BytesI am a different sort of cat.  I am not at all like my sisters, who prowl around stalking anything that moves.  I don't stalk ... probably because I was taken from my biological mother when I was only 4 weeks old - and was just one of 5 very sick kittens. I don't even want to think about what happened to my littermates. I am also very particular about the humans that I will socialize with.  I really do not like most humans, but I love my Mom and I adore her friend Mark.  He's my bud.  There are a few others that I will *tolerate*, but not many.  When company comes, I am usually history  ...  off hiding under the bed, or outside under a bush.

Humans are one thing - other animals are quite another.  Though I do spend a good bit of time harassing my sisters, I will attempt to protect them, to the bitter end, if necessary.  Same goes for our ferrets.  I am the only cat in the house that will play with them, and I watch over them to make sure nothing bad happens to them.

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Harley Chillin - 10020 BytesI'm an indoor cat for the most part, but Mom has fixed our back yard so we cannot get out, and lets me spend time outside when she is home.  Unfortunately, it is not such that intruder animals, like other cats and even opossums, cannot get in.  It is for this reason that I am the self-appointed guardian. It's a rough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Before you hit your BACK button and continue your journey through cyberspace, please let me stress how very important it is for pet owners to have their pets SPAYED or NEUTERED. There just aren't enough good homes for all of us - very few will be as lucky as me. The Humane Society is packed full of kittens and cats, and for many of them, their lives will come to an end at a very early age. Please be a part of the solution instead of the problem - have all your pets SPAYED or NEUTERED!

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My Baby Pictures
Harley 5 Weeks Old - 5140 Bytes
5 Weeks Old
Harley as a Baby - 7463 Bytes
9 Weeks Old
Good Bad and Ugly Harley
I've Changed Alot ...

Catmerica Police Department
I Proudly Serve on the
as an Undercover Agent

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On June 15th, 1999 I received this cool award from my friend Boomer! Thanks dude.

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