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HI all you fans of Amy Rose!! Welcome to my Amy Rose page. I updated December 3rd, 2002. Just found out that it seems my guestbook isn't working anymore. Darn it. The host kind of went dead or something. Maybe it's just temporary. Another note: if you've sent me stuff to put up, and don't see it getting updated just yet, it doesn't mean I forgot your stuff; it's still in the process of coming up on the website.

Anyway, if you're a regular or even occasional surfer on this site, be aware. Geocities is sometimes switching my site on and off because of the recent traffic. So, if you have my site bookmarked and go to my site and find that it is not working or not existing, don't forget that it's always temporary and that the site still exist. Anyway, there's not that much trouble anymore now, but if it happens, it doesn't mean the site's dead.

So... this site is all about Amy Rose. I used to be a big Amy Rose fan a long time ago, and this site is very old, at least 4 years old. It was one of the only three sites on the original Amy Rose Fan Ring, which is now long deceased, but which was present way before Amy became popular with Sonic Adventure. Back then, you counted her fans with the fingers of your hand! Anyway, the logo for that Ring is down here, even if it doesn't work anymore.

I was a fan of the old Amy, because I've always regarded Sonic as one who won't ever settle for a girlfriend, since he's so arrogant and pepy, running around doing his superhero trip, you get the picture. And the only girl that would be in his life would be Amy, not as a girlfriend, but as a fan, devoted enough to be the only one who could stand catching up with him in his adventures. In theory not apt enough to be a true love of Sonic (no one would), but still, the only girl in Sonic's existence. And I liked this idea because a feminine side to the Sonic adventures was welcome in this otherwise macho adventure world, and Amy Rose could be the most that we'd get out of a girl character, for an adventure starred by Sonic the Hedgehog (and I'm not even talking about Tails who, in theory, loathes girls). That's the Amy I was a fan of. Since then, Sonic Adventure came about, and the "new and revised" Amy came about as well. Her popularity grew from that, but for other reasons than mine, and her popularity with me dwindled because of those. Anyway, that's my story...

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