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Hello, welcome to my little cyberspace hideaway. I'm Lyric Swiftwing, pleasure to meet you. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, don't steal anything. (Sorry, but a thief can't be too careful, y'know...) Feel free to stay as long as you wish. And yes, I've remodeled. I got sick of purple and the word 'hangout', so sue me. Then again, don't sue me.

I realized awhile ago that nowhere on this page did I actually state what it's about. This site is devoted to the Mighty Ducks animated series. So now you know. :) If you've any profiles, fanfic, pics, or links that you'd like me to post, or if you've some other ideas, please email me.

This site was last updated on October 8.

You're number to stop by since May 11, 1998.

And yes, I know it's Legend of Zelda music and not MD music. But I like it, so nyah. :P

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Meet the original Mighty Ducks, as well as fanfic characters.

Stories by many authors.

Pics drawn by talented artists (and me).

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Recent updates, and what you can expect to see soon.

Webrings, links, voice wavs, awards, and a page about the real me.

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The Mighty Ducks are the property of Disney, and are used without permission (but with only the best of intentions, I assure you). Lyric is my character, so please ask if you want to use her for anything.

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