What began as "Shirley Thinks" in March, 1998, has grown by leaps and bounds. The subjects are varied and there is a lot to see and enjoy.

Each site has its own email and guestbook, so feel free to sign any or all of them.

"Shirley Thinks"
The beginning. The eclectic!
"Biffy Thinks"
By a Feline, for Felines and friends of Felines
"Biffy Expounds"
Biffy discusses subjects of interest to Cats and their humans.
"Shirley's Creations"
Shirley's first background sets website
"Shirley's Creations, Too"
Unisex background sets
"Victorian Creations"
Lovely victorian background sets and calling cards
"Absolute Food"
A Southern Girl's obsession with all things food
"Web Design by Shirley's Creations"
When you are ready for a professionally designed website

Take time to laugh...it is the music of the soul.
WARNING! Laughter may be hazardous to your illness!

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