to the second annual J/P contest!

Last updated 28 January

(sorry for the delay)

Before everyone goes off celebrating I'd like to say a couple of things. There's a big thank-you to Geordi, Greyeyed Athena and Sydney for their help and support. Next, thanks to the authors and artists who so generously let me enter their stories.
Almost every entry got a vote, and it was very close in some categories.

And the winners are:

Angst: Love Is Blind by Jade and Forsaken by Jolyre
Alternate Universe: Altered Reality by Rob Miller
Art: Mrs Fleming
Drabble: Toga Party by Keri
Erotica: No Ties by Boadicea
Friendship: Swing Time by Kelly
Homecoming: Reprise by Keri
Humour: A Wet Performance by Kendra Crispin
Multiple Pairing: The Snow Queen by LR Bowen
Romance: Kiss Me by Kendra Crispin
Sap: Nets of Silver and Gold by Diane Bellomo

Best PG-13: Reprise by Keri
Best Overall: Reprise by Keri
Best NC-17: Circe by vanhunks
Best Response to a Challenge: Love Is Blind by Jade and The Volition Series by Jolyre

Congratulations all!

Winners can pick up their awards here. I've also posted second and third places. Please understand that I can only make graphic awards for the winners (it was enough work already).

I hope you've enjoyed the contest.

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