Tom's 1969 Triumph GT6 Project

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I purchased this car in Oct 2001.  The previous owner had bought it with plans of a restoration.  After realizing how much this car was going to need he had a change of heart. I saw the car and impulsively had to have it.  I knew I was going to be way over my head with this project, but what the hell that pretty much defines my life.  So I jumped in with both feet.

Come along and watch my progress as I struggle with this frame-off restoration.


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Restoration Plan

  1. Remove body from frame
  2. Strip frame of all mechanicals(engine, suspension, etc..)
  3. Sandblast frame
  4. Reattach body to frame and replace all rusted body panels(floorpans, rear fenders,etc...)
  5. Remove frame from body and paint frame
  6. Rebuild and repaint suspension parts and attach to frame
  7. Rebuild engine/trans as needed and reattach to frame
  8. Paint body and reattach to frame
  9. Install wiring harness
  10. Restore interior



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