When I bought my 96 BBB Chevy Impala SS on March 15, 1997, I had no idea of the affect this beaSSt would have on me and all of the stares and thumbs up I received.  A few people (men) have asked me, What made you buy THAT car?" "Have you any idea what kind of HP you're dealing with?", etc.  According to them, there had to be something wrong with me.  What?  Yeah, I have IMPALA-ITIS.

I was in the market for a new car because I was tired of the hassles and problems of used cars.  I had my heart SET on a Dodge Intrepid until one day in 1995, I "changed horses in the middle of the stream".  I was taking the Chicago Skyway home.  After paying my toll, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw this awesome black car filling up my mirror.  I slowed down my 90 Cadillac Coupe to 50 mph just so this "whale" could catch up so I could get a better look.  This car zoned past me so fast that my car was sucked toward it.  I was in awe!  I sped up to see what kind of car it was.  Guess what?  I couldn't catch it!!  I was doing 90 and I still couldn't catch it.  I knew right then that I had to have that car. As it zoomed past me, I caught a glimpse of the back of the car to see the make and model.  I had never seen that emblem before and believe me, I'm an avid car watcher.

The next day I was on a mission!  I purposely took the Skyway at the same time as the day before.  I did that for 2 weeks.  Still no big black car.  I was very disappointed so I started asking around.  I started calling car dealers saying "Do you sell a big car that looks like a whale".  I could hear the laughing in the salespeoples' voice when they would say "A What?".  That's the only way I knew how to describe what I saw.  At first, I called Cadillac, Pontiac, and Dodge, but to no avail.  I kept on trekking.  I called Buick and asked the same question and held my breath.  He told me it was probably the Roadmaster.  I was elated!  Roadmaster was the perfect name for this car!!!

I saw this car again.  This time it was cruising.  Even more awesome!!!  If it wasn't raining so hard, I would have blowed for him to roll down his window and I would have given him the thumbs up.

That night I got on my friend's Internet and pulled up Buick.com.  When I saw the picture of the Roadmaster, I pushed back in my chair.  That's not the car I saw!!!  I couldn't believe it!!  I was back to square one.  When I closed out the site and saw the name Chevrolet.  I went to that site and lo and behold, THERE IT WAS!!!  I was ecstatic!  I printed out everything I could on this car (affectionately known as the beaSSt) and as they say the rest is hiSStory."  ;^))

Now, look who's kickin' aSSphalt on the Chicago Skyway.
SSee Ya!

SSee Ya

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