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ACKERMAN, Jewish, [Ashkenazic], topographic name var. Acker. ~ English; status name
under the feudal system for a bond tenant who was employed as a ploughman for a manor.
On many manors there were seperate tenements held by acremen' in return for ploughing
services. German, [Ackermannn; Dutch, [Akkerman]; Swedish,[Ackerman, Acreman, Acker]
someone who lived on a plot of cultivated land.


He is my beginning to the vines which reach out to the ACKERMAN surname.
The family history or Robert Ackerman begins, to my best knowledge, in England. It is said that
he came from Somersetshire County in England, and gave to us three sons who ventured to Iowa in the mid 1800's.
These sons were: Robert Jr., John William, and George. During research I found another brother,
Daniel, who traveled on to Queensland, Australia, and a sister whom married an I.W. Dickerson and moved on to South Dakota.


George was the third son of Robert Ackerman. He was born in England in 1847, he died at the
age of 87 of bronchial pneumonia
. He came to America in 1863, with the trade of a Miller.
Anna Roller was born in 1850 in New Jersey and was of German nationality. She became the wife
of George in 1868. Anna died at the age of 78 of aploxey.
The children of George and Anna are: William, Mary J., Joe, Sarah [Sadie], Harry, John Henry,
Reuben, and Nettie.


Age: 36 yrs. Occupation: Farmer. Color: White. Complexion: Dark. Height: 5ft 9 in. weight,
150 lbs. Hair: Grey. Eyes: Grey. Visisble distinctive marks: scar on right leg. b. 15 Dec. 1881
Sommerton, England. Emigrated ca 15 Sept. 1884 from Liverpool Eng. to new York on vessel
City of Rome. Wife: Adell. b. Iowa. Sworn: 12 Sept. 1918. Declaration of Intention #832 b.h.c. Ia.


Robert Ackerman Jr. and wife Martha [Davis] were also a part of the first ones to come to Iowa. Robert was a farmer and died at the age of 73 while a resident of Dewar, IA.
He married Martha Davis while they were still in England. From this union were born ten children: Ernest, George, Louis, Edwin, Olie, Nellie, Edward J., Gertrude, Walter, and Olson.

District Court of b.h. Co. Waterloo, Ia. Occupation: Farmer, b. 8 May 1867 Charlton, Eng.
Emigrated from Liverpool, Eng. on vessel, City of Rome. Married: Martha _____ born Eng.
Children: (8) Edward John b. 17 Aug. 1879 Charlton, Eng.; Grant b. 15 Dec. 1881, Charlton, Eng.; (unknown) b. 11 Dec. 1883, Charlton, Eng.; Joseph George (*this is my great grandfather and he choose to go by George Joseph) b. 9 May 1886, Waterloo (he was the first child born in Waterloo
of this family).; Olson b. 26 June 1890 b. Waterloo,Ia.; (unknown) b. 9 February. 1893, Waterloo,
Ia.; Walter b. 27 Sept 1895, Waterloo, Ia.; (unknown) b. 15 Sept. 1897 Waterloo,Ia.; Dated: 1928 black hawk county, Ia. Denied Intention #1281. --**note that none of the female names are
available in this record!!!!!!!*--


This is my great grandfather, George Joseph Ackerman. George was born in Bennington
Township on May 9. The son of Robert [1856 - 1930], and Martha [1858 - 1942]. He was
employed by John Deere Co for 27 years, and retired in 1951. He was a member of the First
Baptist Church in Dunkerton, IA.
Ida Tegtmeier, born in Black Hawk County to Henry [1852 - 1932] and Louisa [Winning]
[1863 - 1949] Tegtmeier married George on February 27, 1908 in Bennington Township.
Ida died from myocarditis carcinoma.
Together they had the following children Lester; Chester; Clarence; Dexter; Berdina; Gladys; & Esther.
There was a son, Harold; and a daughter June; who both died early in childhood.


native of England. Landed U.S. ca 21 Apr. 188(!) Admitted: 7 ov. 1892. Dist. Ct. Clerk: H.D. Williams. Old Declaration of Intention #C-364. new #2445.

native of England. Landed U.S. ca. 10 Apr. 1888. Sworn 12 May 1888. (Marked by an X for name). Old Dec. of Intention #C186ew #2266.

native of England. Landed U.S. ca 5 May 1885. Sworn: 25 Mar. 1896. Clerk Dist. Ct. S.M. bentley. Old Dec. of Intention #D53. new #2533
native of England. Landed U.S. ca 22 Apr. 1882. Sworn: 16 Mar. 1894 by Deputy Dist. clerk of Ct. S.M. entley. Old Declaration of Int. #D-2. new #2482. b.h. County, Iowa

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