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Welcome to the TRANSmissions Web Ring Home Page. Our purpose is to recognize and promote Transgender-friendly Internet Broadcasters, providing resources for the Transgender Community.

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If you are a Gender Issues broadcaster and transgender-friendly, (or you know one that is, but isn't listed below, then please send an email to
Member Sites:
Related, Non-member Sites:
TransFM, with Ethan St.Pierre, Karen Marten, and "Sexy" Lexi see site for schedule
Transgressions Radio, With Jarret Grace and Andrea Dawn Verville
DJ Power Grrrl, with Shelby LaPre
GenderTalk, With Nancy Nangeroni, Geordene MacKenzie, Hal Fuller, and Ethan St. Pierre

Streaming Hard Rock. Live Talk Wednesdays 9-11pm EST

Techno, Trance

Live talk, Monday nights, 6:30 to 8pm EST

Streaming Hard Rock. Live Talk Sundays,   7-9pm EST
Check back often for updated links!
Adult Transgender comedy/talk show
on NBHRadio

Adult comedy/talk
Saturdays 10pm est
on Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Group for Transgender Music Aritists
"The 'TV Guide' of TG Radio"
KGRL Radio
Trans Owl Radio
Blues, Jazz, Pop, rock. Twice weekly news/commentary
Trans Bands, Punk, Post-punk, alternative
indie, new wave.
Crissy Wild Transgender 
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