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Most of you will know that there are two big reasons why cats can never rule this planet, as long as we humans are still around. One, they lack opposable thumbs, and so could never pick something up, or say, fire a gun. A big disadvantage that. The second reason is that they lack communication skills, and so would never think of ganging up on humans to try and overthrow us (another reason is that they are the most incredibly lazy species on the planet, but that's another story). Just think where we would be right now without language. Scary, isn't it. So we've got language, and it's useful and interesting and stuff, but the best thing about it, above all else, has got to be that some words just sound amazing when you speak them out loud. To these words this page is dedicated. Scroll down and you will see a massive list of words that are just nice to speak (at this point I must remind those of you sitting in libraries, operating theatres, university lectures and waiting rooms not to try out these words, as the people around you are likely to believe that you have gone mad). It is not an organised list, for that is not how we conduct ourselves here. It is a random list with additions made to the list when and where we like, although we will attempt to maintain chronological order where possible.

Good aren't they. Bring a smile to my face anyway. If you have a suggestion for another word that you think sounds good, then you can either send it to us by e-mail or sign our guestbook and enter the word under 'The Word You Most Like To Say'. If you want you may also join the mailing list for regular updates on what's new on the site.

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