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BABOON :- any of several medium-sized Old World monkeys. They have an elongated muzzle, large teeth, and a fairly long tail.

So there we have it. Conclusive proof that baboons are really just monkeys in disguise. After looking long and hard through many thousands of books based solely on this subject, I have come to the conclusion that baboons have never completed anything remotely interesting, or worth noting. In fact, they are viewed by many to simply be stupid monkeys, a fact which was not helped in the popular TV program 'IM Weasel' where the baboon was outsmarted by a weasel who talks funny. As well as this they have red bottoms, which you can help but laugh at. But let's not forget that they are really monkeys. And monkeys are pretty ace really (Check out The Monkey Page), so the baboons should also deserve our respect. This means your only allowed to laugh at their bottoms when the baboons are facing away from you (I doubt whether this should be a problem).

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