No stranger to controversy, or to going against general consensus, as you may well have worked out, you have stumbled across our guide to the things that we find amazing in life. However, these may not correspond exactly to the choices that you may have made. The only explanation that we can give for this is that everyone on the planet, except identical twins, are genetically different. As none of us here have an identical twin, we therefore must assume that our choices are likely to differ from anyone elses. To compare results, continue reading. We must point out that these are not in importance order, but in the order we thought of them. Please continue.

The List
1. Citrus Polos They're Polos Jim, but not as we know them (they taste different).
2. Orange Double Decker Buses Stand out in the crowd as a viable means of transport, and also as a warning to anyone who meets that man who says, "Just come round the back, I've got 30 tins of Indian Sunset going cheap."
3. Lego No real explanation needed here. It's just cool stuff, and you can take the little men's heads off.
4. Dangermouse Without question, the greatest TV character and program in the history of history. Better than James Bond, and the Man from Uncle, this mouse is simply the best. And he lives in a postbox. Respect.
5. Fruit Gums Although Fruit Pastilles are often seen as the best, you get twice as many Fruit Gums, and they're chewier.
6. Oxygen Never really appreciated enough, up until now. Just because it's invisible does not mean it should be ignored.
7. Smokey Bacon Crisps Far, far better than boring Ready Salted, and yet not as obscure as Barbeque or Worcester Sauce.
8. The Letter 'S' Without it we would be in big trouble, wouldn't we. Theriouthly, though, jutht for a minute, without it you couldn't thay thauthageth, or thethion, or have any pluralth at all. Thcary thtuff.
9. Bouncy Castles The funniest pastime ever conceptualised. Even funnier when you happen to be slightly too big for the castle, or if the castle as a slight puncture, causing it to collapse mid-bounce.
10. Pseudoantidis- establishmentarian- ism Where would we be without pseudodisestablishmentarianism? Well for starters we would have a dictionary that was 34 letters shorter, although state support for churches might disappear forever.
11. Sausage-on-a-stick How could you even think of having a party with sausages-on-a-stick? You would become known as a fool, the laughing stock of your neighborhood. Not only are they vital to parties, but they are also challenging to eat, at least without skewering yourself.
12. Bubblewrap Often the only consolation of getting a really crap present, this stuff is just great fun to play with. Gets a bit annoying when they keep breaking without popping, but ace nonetheless.

So there you have it. These are in our opinion the greatest things in the entire world. If you disagree, and think that something else should be added to the list, then TELL US! We are quite happy to recieve comments and suggestions, and will even accept moaning, but we must draw the line at abuse and personal threats.

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