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Good Afternoon To You And Welcome To The Web-Site That Normality Forgot! I Am Sure You Do Not Wish To Read A Poorly Worded And Far From Humorous Introduction, So Please Follow The Links Below. They Are Designed To Be As User Friendly As Possible, So If You Click On One You Should Hopefully End Up On A Page Remotely Resembling The Description. Of Course It Is Highly Probable That It Will Not Be Quite What You Were Expecting, But You Can't Have Everything.

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The Must-Be-Answered Questions

The Monkey Page

The Amazing And Wonderful Words Page

The "I Love Puce" Page

How To Start A Conversation In Three Easy Steps

How To Start A Conversation In One Easy Sentence

The Wondrous World's Guide To Ace Things

The Fire Page

The Baboon Page (Now Legally Required!)

The Boring Page

The "Under Construction" Page

The Wondrously Random World Guestbook

B. S. D.

Respect To.. The Ebola Virus

The Wondrously Random World's Most Interesting Pastimes

Amazing Things You Can Do With.. A Straw

The Wondrously Random World's Top 100 Top 100 Web Sites

The Haggis Page
(Our Sqawtish Adventure)

Duck of Doom!

Know Your Greek Alphabet

A Beginners Guide To Cow Tupping

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One Thing That I Feel I Am Obliged To Provide Is A List Of Web-Pages That I Am A Fan Of, But That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Wondrously Random World. I Intend To Place Links To These Web-Sites On This Page. If You Are A Webmaster And You Feel That Your Web-Page Deserves A Link Here, Then Send Us A Message With Your Address, And We Will View It And Rate It And In All Probability Place A Link To It Here. Now To The Links. Visit Them All.

Please take time to view the Links Page.
An Assortment of Links for a Variety of Tastes & Needs!

The Next Part Of This Page Is One That I Never In A Million Years Expected To Be Needed - The Awards Section. If You Feel That We Deserve An Award For Some Reason, Then Please Let Us Know. Now That We Have An Awards Section, We May As Well Use It.
The Awards We Have Received So Far Are:

However, As The Designer Of This Web-Site I Feel That I Owe You, The General Public, An Introduction. How Can You Provide This, You May Cry Out, As You Are Already Well Into Your Site. Surely You Introduce No Longer, And Are Into The Full Flow Of Your Dissertation. To You Sceptics I Laugh Long And Hard And In Your General Direction, For You Truly Are Not Experienced In The Fragile Art Of Introduction Crafting. An Introduction, Being Defined Thus:

introduction 1. the act of introducing or fact of being introduced. 2. a presentation of one person to another or others. 3. a means of presenting a person to another person, such as a letter of introduction or reference. 4. a preliminary part, as of a book, speech, etc. 5. Music. an opening passage in a movement or composition that precedes the main material. 6. a basic or elementary work of instruction, reference, etc.

Is Therefore A Form Of Instruction, And So As I Write, This Does Indeed Qualify For The Title 'Introduction'. In What This Instruction Is Based Is A Point Of Question, But Not Such As Will Be Discussed Now, For Already This Introduction Grows Too Long. As An Instructive Item, I Feel That This Introduction Must Inform You, The General Public, What Is Contained On The Site Itself, Although A Careful Glance At The Links Should Provide Ample Explanation.

The Must-Be-Answered Questions Is Similar To A Frequently Asked Questions Section, Although Is More Concerned With Issues That Must Be Tackled In Everyday Life.

The Monkey Page Is Dedicated To All Things Monkey, And Will Stop At Nothing To Get Respect For This Most Underestimated Of Life Forms.

The Amazing And Wonderful Words Page Is A Lexis Of Many Amazing And Wonderful Words. Contrary To Popular Belief This Is Not A Make Of Car.

The "I Love Puce" Page Is A Fan Page For That Most Unmistakeable of Colours, Puce. Although Disrespected By Many, This Page Gives The Most Dedicated Fans Of Puce A Chance To See It Again And Again. Even More Fascinating Than Drying Paint.

How To Start A Conversation In Three Easy Steps Is A Technique Developed Over Many Years For All You People Who Struggle To Be Sociable. After Reading This Your Clever Comments Will Not Fail To Bring A Laugh. Whether It Will Be With You Or At You Is Another Matter.

How To Start A Conversation In One Easy Sentence Is A New Technique Developed By The Same Team That Brought You How To Start A Conversation In Three Easy Steps. This Time, However, They Have Adapted The Three Steps Into One Easy To Remember Sentence. So Now If You Are Unsociable But In A Hurry To Get Out There And Meet People Here Is Your Answer.

The Wondrous World's Guide To Ace Things Is Our Captivating Section On All The Ace Things That We Have Been Drawn To, Magpie-Fashion, During Our Lives. It Is Carefully Constructed To Make Finding Your Goal A Lot Easier Than It Could Be If We Tried Hard To Make The Site Less User Friendly.

The Fire Page Is Our Tribute To The Greatest Discovery In The History Of Mankind, Behind The Wheel And The Toilet, Fire. Marvel At Amazing Burnt Things. Wonder At The Enormous Power Of This Ancient Element.

The Baboon Page (Now Legally Required!) Is Brought To You By The Makers Of The Monkey Page. After A Public Outcry In The Jungle World, A Formal Request By A Representative Of The Baboons Was Made For A Page Dedicated To The Equally Amazing Life Form, The Baboon. Expect The Gorilla Page Any Time Soon.

The Boring Page Is A Page That Is Extremely Boring. You Would Have Thought That Could Not Have Got Any Easier To Understand.

The "Under Construction" Page Is Our Page Dedicated To All Of You Lazy Sods Out There Who Do A Half-Assed Job, And Don't Finish The Things You Have Started. Ironically, This Is A Complete Page.

What Is This Mysterious B. S. D.? Only One Way To Find Out Folks, And That Is By Clicking On The Link. Good Luck!

Visit Our "Respect To.. The Ebola Virus, And Pay Homage To The World's Most Deadly Virus In An Attempt To Save Yourself From It's Mighty Clutches

The Wondrously Random World's Most Interesting Pastimes Is A List Of Our Favourite Random Things To Do. Check It Out.

Amazing Things You Can Do With.. A Straw Is Exactly What It Sounds Like. While Once Being A Little Bored, We Stumbled Across A Most Wonderful Piece Of Information. A Simple Drinking Straw Can Provide Hours Of Entertainment. See For Yourself The Magical Things You Can Accomplish.

The Wondrously Random World's Top 100 Top 100 Web Sites Is The Latest Must Have Award For Any Top 100 List. Awarded To Only The Greatest Of The Great, Be Sure To Check Out The Current Candidates

The Haggis Page (Our Sqawtish Adventure) Details Our Meeting With A Haggis Hunter, And Subsequent Voyage Of Discovery To Find These Infanous Creatures.

Dare You Risk The Wrath Of The Duck Of Doom? Visit His Homepage To Find Out.

In An Attempt To Make The Site More Educational You Can Now Visit The 'Know Your Greek Alphabet' Page, Where You Can Learn About The Complete Greek Alphabet (Surprisingly). Included In The Page Is A Complete Set Of Audio Clips Of People Speaking The Greek Alphabet, And Definitions For Each Letter That Are Used In Everyday Life. What More Could You Want?

A Beginners Guide To Cow Tupping Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin (Obviously In A Metaphorical Sense, As There Is No Tin. As For The Spoon, I Simply Couldn't Comment) In Presenting A Marvellous Guide To This Often Overlooked Pastime.

I Am Now Officially Finished, So Please Go And Enjoy The Site. Now.

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