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Good Study Habits
How can I help my child to
become a successful student?
1. Set a regular time to study or homework.
2. Pick a place to study that is quiet.
3. Remove dictractions.
4. Practice what they have learned in school.
5. Reread material.
6. Use resources such as dictionaries and  encyclopedias.
7. Read with your child.
8. Check on your child's work.
9. Praise sucess and provide help if errors have been made.
10. Encourage good study habits.
Third Grade
Our Third Grade Curriculum includes:

1.Spanish Class
2. Math Class
3. Science Class
4. English as a Second Language
5. Social Studies
6. Health Class
7. Art or Drama Class
8. Physical Education Class
In third grade  students will be receiving letter grades

100-90 =A
89-80 = B
79-70 = C
69-60 = D
59-0  = F
Suplies List
a.seven notebooks
b.three pencils(daily)
c.a penmanship notebook(blue or third level)
d. bottle of Elmer's glue
e. a box of crayons
f. a ruler

g. scissors
h. maps notebook (40 maps)
i.  modeling clay
j.  a package of construction paper

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