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Smd Tantalum Capacitor Supplier
Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd. is a leading passive electronic component distributor locate in Shenzhen&Hongkong, we are TDK franchised distributor,we always offer New and Original components! Thanks to company owner's extensive inductry relationship, we now carrying leading passive brands: TDK, EPCOS, MURATA, AVX, KEMET, PANASONIC and MCU brand like Microchip, Atmel, Ramtron.

Strong Stocking Reserve:

1. Original SMD tantalum caps ,size from A,B,C,D,E,X,P case,especially strong on Low ESR series : TPMS(AVX),T520/T520/A700(KEMET),SP-Cap(Panasonic)

2. Big size chip caps in different brand: TDK,MURATA,KEMET,AVX,SAMSUNG.YAGEO,WALSIN..

3. Cree LED chip good price stocking: XP-G,XP-E,XP-C,XR-E,MC-E

4. MCU/Fram/Eeprom, brands: Atmel, Microchip & Ramtron.

5. Custom maufacturering ability for SMD NTC,size up to 0805,1206.

6. TI regular stocking in Hongkong warehouse.

Our Advantages:

1. Direct support from Original Manufacturer (TDK, EPCOS,AVX , KEMET, MURATA) without any Extra-Costs, C.O.C documents offering upon request.

2. Top 3 pricing , much cheaper than Avnet,Digikey,Mouser,Arrow......

3. Two to four weeks lead time,shorter than most agent.

4. Never old/Junk stock,all part to be new and continue supply.

5. Six Month warranty for all parts offering.

Warranties and Services: 1. Same period as original manufacturer offer for leadtime buying,6 month for most stock item. 2. All IC/Diode/Transisitor offering Component Decapsulation / Investigative Visual Inspection / Functional testing / X Ray testing. handling by International approval testing lab: ISTI,Whitehorse. All testing by Cir-Ocean's cost.

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