Hercules&Xena Fans !  Salmoneus has written a very witty, funny book and for all of you who could not attend Simucon 2000 ~ don't despair..you can order this great book right here!

( They say they can ship the book within 24 hours. )


Pal to the gods, Salmoneus (as played by actor Robert Trebor) leaves the side of Xena and Hercules
to take up his true calling -- giving advice on those two great troublemakers -- love and money. Love --
sure the dashing Salmoneus knows all about love. But money? You needn't worry, Salmoneus
started the Olympics after all! Certainly his peers know his true worth since the book is chock full of
letters from such notables a Gabrielle, Zeus, Hera, Aries, Orphoeus, Ioleus, Joxur, Aphrodite, Argo,
and Xena and Hercules themselves. And, as an added treat, through the magic of channeling (and we
don't mean channel surfing), the great Salmoneus has taken his talen beyond Greco-Roman times
and answers questions from people throughout history and in our own troubled present, such as: Bill
Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Spice Girls, Jerry Springer and yes, Monica Lewisky. So, of the
names above, who do you thing is asking about love, ands who is asking about money? You might
be surprised! But, don't worry, the great Salmoneus answers all. This hilarious satire is a must for
fans of the Xena and Hercules television show, and contains scores of photos from those shows as
well as new photos taken just for this publication. We even have interviews with the main actors
themselves. Don't delay -- stock up on Dear Salmoneus! All of your Xena and Hercules fans will want
it! Black-and-white. 152 pages.

Bob went straight from St. Louis to England and he just came back, keeping us up to date:

My trip went well---sold lots of books in
my whirlwind twelve city, 9 day tour thruout Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.
We wound up in a surprise visit to a tavern called Pages in London on their official
"By The Sword" Xena night celebration.
If you ever get to London, be sure to call the bar, I'm sure they would
welcome you to attend this very festive raucous event.

Fondly, Bob

For all of Salmoneus's fans in Australia, I am trying to find a publisher here: )


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