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Butterfly watching is a tremendously inspiring activity. Not only are these creatures lovely, but they generally are found in beautiful settings as well. See the ever-changing rainbow of hues dance in their wings when they move in the sunlight; appreciate their powerful flight and ability to appear and disappear out of the blue, for butterflies are born to fly free. Aren't they beautiful? And isn't life beautiful? You'll realize your worries are gone and you are feeling rejuvenated: life is here and now. See? This is what butterfly watching does for you!

For butterfly watching you only need a keen pair of eyes, but you may want to invest in a good book that lists the species of your area. Keeping a notebook is also a good idea - basically you'll only need to write down the date, place and the specimen you saw for future reference.
Some choose to photograph butterflies, which can attribute a lot to knowledge of the species. The fact that butterfly photography has almost completely replaced the obsolete and cruel hobby of butterfly collecting is something very positive, and the trend will no doubt continue.

Below I have chosen some of my own photographs. When I have taken them, my chief concern has always been not to disturb butterflies or their environment. The way I see it, the well being of the butterfly always comes first - If I happen to get a good photo of it, that's just a nice bonus!

Iphiclides podalirius - Scarce Swallowtail
Parnassius mnemosyne - Clouded Apollo

Gonepteryx rhamni - Brimstone
Pieris brassicae - Large White
Pieris napi -Green Veined White

Aglais urticae - Small Tortoiseshell
Argynnis adippe - High Brown Fritillary
Brenthis ino - Lesser Marbled Fritillary
Coenonympha glycerion - Chestnut Heath
Cynthia cardui - Painted Lady
Erebia ligea - Arran Brown
Inachis io - Peacock
Lasiommata maera - Large Wall Brown
Mellicta athalia - Heath Fritillary
Nymphalis antiopa - Camberwell Beauty, Mourning Cloak
Polygonia c-album - Comma
Vanessa atalanta - Red Admiral

Heodes virgaureae - Scarce Copper
Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe, Lycaena hippothoe - Purple-edged Copper
Polyommatus icarus - Common Blue

Plants and Butterflies:
Urtica dioica - The Ultimate Host Plant
Cirsium arvense - The Ultimate Food Plant

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