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German Shepherds have for years endeared themselves to millions not through rear angulation or bite work but through integrity of character, trainability & courage.

Integrity in any one of these traits seems to be sorely lacking as of late forsaking one or the other trait to produce a dog of too little balance and too much extreme.

Symphony German Shepherds is producing dogs with above all else, outstanding solid temperament.  We also insist on a dog that shows willingness in training; exceptional health; beautiful and correct structure.

Please look at our guarantee page to see exactly how we stand behind our dogs.

We will not discuss other kennels in a derogatory manner, slam other dogs, or trash other breeders.  We will be happy to answer questions about our dogs and our breeding and training practices. 

To the best of our efforts we will help you to find the dog that will best meet your desires.  We honestly feel that we have some of the highest quality German Shepherds in the country to date.  We are now creating a foundation that will build the German Shepherd for the future.

Symphony German Shepherds   

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Symphony German Shepherds
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