Raggletag and Scream's Space Port

Rose,Dan and Tony

Raggletag and Scream, done by Scream :)

My Newest Scream drawing, I haven't changed her profile yet. But it will be updated in regard to her Metallic hair.

Welcome to Tony and My Web page :)First off page is mostly centered around Transformers such as; Profiles that I have wrote over the years, stories I've read and like to share with ours, drawings I've done, Custom figures that Tony and I have both designed, Transformer Convention pictures and info on the shows, links to cool sites and actually the list does go on :) But I'm not the one that likes to write ones ear off ;) We've also got images and links to other eighties cartoons that we like and soon more updated cartoons that we've enjoyed. So be on the look out for updates and enjoy :)



A recent Arcee drawing by your's truly, Scream/Nightbird

This page has reports, links to convention sites and photos of all Three Transformer conventions Botcon, OTFCC and Cybercon.

Moonracer done by Scream/Nightbird


Cybercon 2005 report


Bumblebee drawing by Scream/Nightbird

Customs done by Raggletag and Nightbird/Scream


Profiles I've designed and Stories I've enjoyed. Soon though I plan to have stories I've wrote ;).

I haven't thought of names for these two yet, but their Velociraptors that transform into Scream's hand guns.

Some Transformer links to check out, I'm still updating this.

And for those that enjoy Cosplay :)

My Baroness outfit

Eighties cartoons we'll never forget

See what happens when you have friends in the 501st, they make you drop to your knees.

And here's our personal toy collection around our house

Tony shortly before he got his armor and joined the 501st.

For those that like meeting other Transformer fans and possibly hanging out in person, this is the club for you. This club is mainly for Transformer fans in South Eastern, PA and New Jersey area but others are always welcome to join.

WheelJack's Lab


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