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The picture is by Evan Baltz.
Thank you for letting me use it.

I'm Kathie sugar_31 and I would like to Thank you for comming by.

I do hope you have a nice time while you are here
Please come back soon and visit me.
Remember to Smile, you know it is good for you!!

Wind Surfer Award

All I can say is WOW !!!!!
Thank You all so very much!!
This is what they wrote,

It is our pleasure and honor to announce that you have been
Awarded the "Wind Surfer Award"
for the Outstanding work you have put into your site.
We are all very proud to have you as a member of the SouthBeach
Community with us too. Thank you so much for allowing us the time
to review and vote on your site. Congratulations and thank you
for sharing your site and your talents with the rest of us.

SouthBeach Liaison

My Geocities pages
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|| Sailing Ships | Pennies From Heaven ||

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|| My Link Page | My Webrings | My snow road | About Me ||
|| Let it Snow | Sleigh Ride | Cool Lake | City Lights | The Sea ||
|| Winter Time | Winter Deer | Bunny | dolphins no music ||
|| Walking on water | Leopard | Butterfly | Covered wagon ||
|| NewYork | Timber Wolves | Buffalo | Snow Time ||
|| Night Lake | Our Sun Set | Snow Mountain ||
|| Catch a falling star | Movingwater ||
|| Application for My Award ||
|| A Birthday Page ||

My Tripod pages:-)
First Home Page


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