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Click for larger version of Orbit the Cat in uniform worn during her secret NASA missions - don't ask her to reveal the highly classified details Welcome to the web home of Orbit the Cat. Despite my travels -- you would be astonished at the number of Frequent Flyer miles I've accumulated -- I am taking time out to create this page so that kitties and their purrsons can visit and have a really good caterwaul.

In addition to my NASA training and work, I have done advanced studies, earning a Masters of Science degree. I also have the privilege of being Team Manager of Bitsy's Whackers, the best girls baseball team in catdom. In fact, these pages might also be called "The Nine Lives of Orbit the Cat."

My favorite project, the one I most enjoy working on (whenevfur I can free up some time from directing my humans) undoubtedly is

Orbit's Lytel Herball - herbs - medicines, culinary herbs, recipes, and old wives lore

which is all about herbs and their use. Herbs for cooking, herbs for healing, herbs for a cat to roll around on or nibble. Facts and fancies about herbs go back as far as written records or inherited memory.

My research into the history and enjoyment of tea takes much of my time - except for naps and snacks. Entertaining graciously is something I am learning, too, as you will see if you join me for Tea and Cakes with Taffy or Repasts and Recipes. Sometimes you'll find me wondering what to wear as I examine the contents of Orbit's Closet.

Thank mew fur visiting. Do feel free to explore, enjoy, and take home a recipe or two.

~~~ Orbit's Lytel Herball ~~~
Origin of Disease & Medicine
Materia Medica
Herb Pages
Tea Pages
Old Wives Lore
Cherokee story has truth and wisdom.
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What part of plants to use; how to collect and prepare.
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Plants toxic to cats.
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Plants not reported as toxic to cats.
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~Catnip & more~
Pages about herbs to use and enjoy.
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~Tea and Cakes~
Leaves, brews, and recipes to accompany.
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Old wives knew a lot; that's how they lived to become old.
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~~~ My life as a cat ~~~
Whackers card

I am Manager of Bitsy's Whackers gurlz baseball team
Click for photo of team executives. Click for game against boyz

I am happy to be a memfur of the Circle of Charms gurlz club.

~~~ Around the Web ~~~
Caring for Cats
Awards Won
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
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Recognitions that keep my whiskers alert.
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Kindred spirits teleporting around the galaxy.
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