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This site is to be a photo diary of the restoration of my
1959 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door hardtop pictured at left.
I will also include technical information pertinent to 1959 Plymouths, including mechanical,interior, body and repair. Other information will include factory specifications and dimensions, as well personal observations and thoughts.
I hope you will enjoy this site, and bear with me, as I continue to build, adding photos and information.

The Year...1959...The Place...Anywhere USA...
America listens to the sounds of Elvis Presley, "A Big Hunk O'Love"
Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series,
President Dwight D. Eisenhower contends with the Cold War
Ward, June, Wally and the"Beaver" are cruisin' in their 1959 Plymouth!

    1959, I was eight years old, in the third grade, and my dad was driving a 1955 Chevy 2 dr. sedan.  I lived in West Allis, Wisconsin, just down the street from Cosgrove Chevrolet.  I used to watch the auto haulers unload the new Chevys, and was impressed with all the chrome and shiny paint. I saw the new Chevys on a daily basis, as I walked past the dealership on my way to school.  I thought the Corvettes were "cool," but I just couldn't keep from turning my head when the Chrysler "finned" cars cruised by!  I was hooked on fins, vertical fins! 
     It wasn't until 1961, when the little Chevy sedan was too small, for the then 6 kids and 2 adults in our family, and a shiny, like new 1959 Plymouth Suburban 4 door wagon took it's place. This wagon was equipped with a 6 cylinder, stick shift with overdrive, and the first radio my dad ever had in a car.  "You can't drive and listen to that noise at the same time" as he would tell us if we touched the radio.
     This was the first MoPar, to belong to a long list of Chrysler products to be owned by our family.  I used to watch our neighbor drive by in his '59 Sport Fury convertible, and was in awe!  Someday I will own one of those!  Well, it hasn't happened yet, but someday, who knows!  For now, I will work at getting my "vertically finned" Belvedere restored and driveable.  I better get going!

General Information

    Options on the pink car include: Power Steering, 361 c.i. engine, 3spd. Torqueflite transmission, AM Radio, Solex tinted glass, Back up lights, Seat Belts, Clock, Two Tone Paint, Windshield Washer
Options on the black car include: 318 c.i. engine,
3spd. Torqueflite transmission, AM Radio, Power Steering

    The pink car was purchased in Arkansas and trailered to Neillsville WI in October of 1999.  The black car was purchased in Indianna and trailered to Neillsville WI in August of 1999.  The pink Belvedere will be the one I am to restore, while the black Belvedere is a parts car.  There is very little rust through to fix on the pink car, and the black one has severe rust through in the floors, trunk, rocker panels and has body filler in numerous places.  Both engines run, and I will use the 361.

    The interior is in very rough shape.
Not only is it in need of total restoration, it is not all Belvedere interior.  It is a
mismatch of incomplete Fury swivels and Belvedere bench seats.  The parts car will supply a stock, bench seat Belvedere interior, that is also in need of restoration.
The headliner is missing, but I have two of the pieces in the parts car.  I will be in need of the center panel.   
The engine is the Golden Commando 361c.i. V8, with a four barrel  carburetor.
The carburetor is not the correct number, that being a Carter AFB 2856S.  This carburetor is a Carter AFB 2797S.
This engine had been sitting for many years without being run.  After finding the carburetor, and giving this engine a complete tune-up, I just added some gas, a new battery and cables and it started, much to my delight!  I can now remove the engine and transmission from the car.

Did you know?  There were 29 models of Plymouth available in 1959!
Sport Fury...V8 Convertible and V8 2 door hardtop   
Fury...V8 4 door hardtop, V8 2 door hardtop and V8 4 door sedan
Belvedere...V8 Convertible, 4 dr. hdtp. V8 or 6, 2dr. hdtp. V8 or 6, 4 dr. sed. V8 or 6, and 2 dr. sed. V8 or 6
Savoy...4 door sedan V8 or 6, 2 door sedan V8 or 6, and  Business Coupe 6
Station Wagons...Sport Suburban V8 4 dr. 6 or 9 pass.,  Custom Suburban 4 dr. 6 pass. V8 or 6,  9 pass. V8 only
Custom Suburban V8 2 dr. 6 pass., Deluxe Suburban 4 dr. 6 pass. V8 or 6,  Deluxe Suburban 2 dr. 6 pass. V8 or 6

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