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What is Signal GK?

1. Signal GK is the home page of my Play By EMail Traveller Game.
2. When Humans from Earth first reached the stars, they found that there was a vast Galactic Empire already there, populated & administered by another race of humans, the Vilani. Signal GK is the Vilani form of a Mayday used to indicate a vessel in distress. In the Vilani language, it is Gashimeku Kaalariin.

What is Traveller?

Traveller is a hard science-fiction roleplaying game, first published in 1977 by the now, sadly defunct company, Game Designer's Workshop (GDW).
Created by Mark Miller, Traveller is set in the Far Future, in the 57th Century A.D.
A vast Interstellar Empire, known as the Third Imperium, now in it's 1105th year,  governs much of charted space. Traveller is a game of political intrigue, swashbuckling adventure, piracy, survival against the backdrop of a small part of our galaxy.
The Imperium has been likened to the British Empire of the 18th & 19th Centuries. While there is faster than light travel, using starships, FTL communication has thus far been found to be impossible to achieve. All communication is therefore slow, like those ancient sailing vessels, taking place at the speed of the fastest starship jump, each of which takes approximately 167 hours, (one week), regardless of the distance jumped.
Within the Imperium, characters struggle to make a living, seeking riches, adventure & intrigue at every Starport bar they frequent, or planetfall they make.

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