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Welcome to my webpage, home of my due South fan fic. Most of the fiction on this page is slash (depecting a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two men), most of the stories feature Benny and Ray Vecchio Classic; and many of the stories are rated NC17.

If any of the above offends you or if you are not of legal age, please turn back now.

Everyone else, read on and enjoy!


Newest Stories

  • A Bouquet a Week ~ Ray remembers the good times. ~ Rated PG

  • Dief Has Two Daddies ~ The three of them are a family. ~ Rated G

  • Missing ~ Benny is missing. Ray is frantic. ~ Rated PG

  • A Thousand Words ~ Words can't describe how Benny feels about Ray. ~ Rated PG

  • Visions ~ Benny has a horrible vision. ~ Rated NC17

    Slash Stories

  • 1-900-BENNY ~ Benny decides to give phone sex a try. ~ Rated R

  • 20/20 ~ Ray needs glasses. ~ Rated NC17

  • Alabaster ~ Ray says the wrong thing. ~ Rated G

  • All That Matters ~ After the events in "The Duel" Ray and Benny need some time to recover. ~ Rated NC17

  • Another Nightmare ~ If season three was a bad dream, exactly whose nightmare was it? ~ Rated PG

  • An Unlikely Romeo ~ Ray has a very special evening planned for Benny. ~ Rated PG

  • Attack of the Caffeinated Canadian ~ Benny and caffeine don't mix well. ~ Rated G

  • Auld Lang Syne ~ Ray and Benny ring in the New Year. ~ Rated G This story is a sequel to I'll Be Home For Christmas

  • Benny's All American Day ~ Benny and Ray celebrate Independence Day. ~ Rated PG

  • Benny's Birthday Surprise ~ On his birthday, Benny receives something he wasn't expecting. ~ Rated PG

  • Black Tie Optional ~ Benny, Ray, and formal wear. ~ Rated NC17

  • Blessings ~ During the Thanksgiving season, family issues cause stress for Ray and Benny. ~ Rated PG

  • Blow Tickler 2000 ~ Ray and Benny ring in the new century. ~ Rated NC17

  • Bump in the Night ~ Benny and Ray's holidays all seem to have one thing in common. ~ Rated PG

  • Bundle up, Benny ~ Benny and Ray make the best of an ice storm. ~ Rated PG

  • A Choice in the Matter ~ Ray and Benny have become lovers, but an assignment Ray is offered could change their relationship. ~ Rated NC17

  • The Christmas Party ~ Benny and Ray discover that the guest list is very important to the success of a party. ~ Rated NC17

  • Cloudburst ~ There's a heatwave, and Benny is suffering. ~ Rated NC17

  • The Darkest Hour ~ Ray has a nigtmare. ~ Rated PG

  • Desperado ~ When Ray is injured, Benny reacts unexpectedly. ~ Rated PG

  • Dreamcatcher ~ Benny has a birthday present for Ray. ~ Rated PG

  • Dreams of the Past ~ Benny has an upsetting dream. ~ Rated PG

  • Dress Blues ~ There's something about a man in uniform... ~ Rated NC17

  • Drowning ~ Benny has a nightmare. ~ Rated NC17

  • A Family Christmas ~ Just another sappy Christmas story. ~ Rated PG

  • A Family Thanksgiving ~ The Vecchios celebrate Thanksgiving with their extended family. ~ Rated PG

  • Father's Day ~ Ray and Benny talk about their fathers. ~ Rated PG

  • Fireworks ~ Ray and Benny celebrate Independence Day. ~ Rated NC17

  • Flight 253 ~ Benny's business trip doesn't go as planned. ~ Rated NC17

  • Friend and Lover ~ Fraser is very lucky to have two Rays in his life. ~ Rated R

  • A Halloween Scare ~ A Halloween party at the Vecchio home turns dangerous. ~ Rated PG

  • The Heat of the Moment ~ A heat wave leads to some interesting developments. ~ Rated PG

  • Higher Love ~ Ray has a very important decision to make. ~ Rated PG

  • Home ~ Ray and Benny try to build a family. ~ Rated PG

  • Homecoming ~ Ray returns from his undercover assignment. ~ Rated PG

  • Home for the Holidays ~ Ray has a special Christmas gift for Benny. ~ Rated NC17

  • Housecall ~ Benny comes down with the flu. ~ Rated PG

  • Housewarming ~ It's moving day for Ray and Benny. ~ Rated G

  • I Could Kiss You ~ Fraser is troubled by something that happened while he was suffering from amnesia. ~ Rated NC17

  • If You Can't Trust Your Family... ~ Benny tells Ray about a painful incident from his past. ~ Rated PG

  • I'll Be Home For Christmas ~ During the holidays, Ray and Benny decide to make a change. ~ Rated NC17 This story is a sequel to Thankful

  • International Incident ~ Ray and Benny attend a reception at the Consulate, and then have a little party of their own at home. ~ Rated NC17

  • Isn't it Romantic? ~ Benny and Ray's Valentine's Day is interrupted. ~ Rated PG

  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night ~ Ray and Benny have fun during a thunderstorm. ~ Rated NC17

  • I Write the Songs ~ A romantic evening for Kowalski and Turnbull degenerates into a silly arugment. ~ Rated PG

  • Just Another Night ~ Ray and Benny decide to have a low-key Valentine's Day. ~ Rated PG

  • Lessons Learned ~ Ray and Benny have taught each other a lot. ~ Rated PG

  • Let's Settle This Like Gentlemen ~ Ray Vecchio is a very popular man! ~ Rated PG

  • The Little Things ~ Ray has a bad day. ~ Rated PG

  • Love Will Keep Us Alive ~ When Frannie finds out that Benny and Ray are lovers, she is not happy. But their love is soon put to an even bigger test. ~ Rated R

  • Loving Ray ~ One Fraser. Two Rays. 'Nuff said. ~ Rated NC17

  • Mother's Day ~ It's almost Mother's Day, and Ben has been thinking about his mom. ~ Rated PG

  • A Mother's Prayer ~ On Mother's Day, Benny does a little reading. ~ Rated PG

  • Mountie in the Middle ~ A sequel to "Two Rays are Better Than One". When Fraser finds out what Kowalski and Vecchio have been up to, he reacts in a way neither man expected. ~ Rated NC17

  • My Boyfriend's Back ~ Benny returns home from his trip. ~Rated NC17 This story is a sequel to Unforgettable

  • My Mountie Valentine ~ Benny and Ray celebrate Valentine's Day. ~ Rated NC17

  • Oh Canada ~ Benny and Ray celebrate Canada Day in Ben's homeland. ~ Rated NC17

  • On The Waterfront ~ Ray and Benny visit Navy Pier. ~ Rated PG

  • One Stormy Night ~ Benny is thinking about Ray. ~ Rated PG

  • Overdose ~ Someone over-indulges on Halloween. ~ Rated G

  • Please Come Home for Christmas ~ Benny gets what he wants for Christmas. ~ Rated NC17

  • People Like That ~ What starts out as a simple walk turns into a dangerous adventure for Benny and Ray. ~ Rated PG

  • Providence ~ Victoria returns to Chicago, with very unexpected consequences. ~ Rated NC17

  • Raindrops ~ Benny, Ray, the cabin, rain, and sap. ~ Rated G

  • Reality Check ~ Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski talk about a couple of misunderstandings. ~ Rated PG

  • Reflections on Ray ~ Two Mounties ponder their favorite Chicago Detectives. ~ Rated PG

  • Reservations ~ Benny and Ray visit the motel from Hell. ~ Rated PG

  • The Return of Ms. Fraser ~ Ray Vecchio and Ms. Fraser get reacquainted. ~ Rated NC17

  • Ring in the New ~ Ray and Benny get their New Year off to a memorable start. ~ Rated PG

  • Shelter ~ Benny and Ray make another attempt to repair the cabin in Canada. ~ Rated PG

  • Siesta ~ Ray and Benny make the best of a lazy Sunday afternoon. ~ Rated G

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? ~ Ray Kowalski's thoughts about Ray Vecchio. ~ Rated PG

  • Starlight ~ Benny, Ray, and a starry night. ~ Rated G

  • Sweet Dreams ~ Benny has been having trouble sleeping. ~ Rated G

  • Take Me Away ~ Benny has a headache. Ray takes care of him. ~ Rated G

  • Thankful ~ During the Thanksgiving holiday, Benny has a chance to reflect upon his blessings. ~ Rated R

  • Touched by a Ray ~ Benny has an out-of-body experience. Or does he? ~ Rated PG

  • Treat or Treat ~ Ray and Benny celebrate Halloween. ~ Rated NC17

  • Trick or Treat ~ Benny has a Halloween surprise for Ray. ~ Rated NC17

  • Two Rays are Better Than One ~ When Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski get together, sparks fly. ~ Rated NC17

  • Unforgettable ~ Benny is away, and Ray is missing him. ~Rated G

  • The Unusual Dating Habits of the Vecchio Siblings ~ What is it with Italians and Mounties? ~ Rated PG

  • The Visitor ~ A special visitor comes to young Benton Fraser's classroom. ~ Rated G

  • Washed Up ~ Sometimes things don't go as planned. ~ Rated R

  • Wednesday Evening ~ An evening at the Vecchio home. ~ Rated G

  • What Thatcher Overheard ~ When Inspector Thatcher eavesdrops on Fraser's phone conversation, she learns something interesting. ~ Rated PG

  • When Dief Met Benny ~ I think the title says it all. ~ Rated PG

  • When it Rains ~ Some scars take a long time to heal. ~ Rated NC17

  • When You Love Someone ~ When you love someone, you take care of them. ~ Rated PG

  • White Christmas ~ Benny and Ray celebrate Christmas in Canada. ~ Rated NC17

  • Why Come Out of the Closet? ~ Ray and Benny have some fun in another closet. ~ Rated Nc17

  • Why Don't We Get Drunk? ~ Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski have a few beers together. ~ Rated NC17

  • With This Ring ~ Ray and Benny decide to make things official. ~ Rated PG

    Non-Slash Stories

  • Even Steven ~ After the events in "Victoria's Secret" and "Letting Go", Ray and Benny have a talk. ~ Rated PG

  • Going Home ~ After "Letting Go" Benny is ready to be released from the hosptial, but he needs a place to stay. ~ Rated PG

  • I'll Fix You! ~ People have been messing with Kowalski and Vecchio's lives, and the two Rays are not happy about it. ~ Rated PG

  • In the Beginning ~ What happened when Fraser returned to Chicago. ~ Rated PG

  • Sunday in the Park With Dief ~ A walk in the park leads to revelations. ~ Rated G

  • What a Nightmare! ~ One possible explanation for the events in season three. ~ Rated PG


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    Bigger than a snapshot, yet not quite big enough to be a full-fledged story, we enter the world of... Ficlets!

  • Cold ~ Sometimes a little warmth is all you need. ~ Rated PG

  • Easter at the Vecchio Home ~ Benny and Ray celebrate Easter with Ray's family. ~ Rated G

  • Easter Eggs ~ Ray has an Easter surprise for Benny. ~ Rated PG

  • Ghosts of the Past ~ Ray has a nightmare. ~ Rated PG

  • Green Eyed ~ Benny is not the only one who knows how attractive Ray is. ~ Rated G

  • Hold Onto the Night ~ Sometimes love isn't easy. ~ Rated PG

  • I've Found a Way ~ What Ray does for Benny. ~ Rated G

  • I Made it Through the Rain ~ Written for the "April Showers" challenge on the Two Axes list. Ray does some soul-searching. ~ Rated PG

  • Love is Not Blind ~ Some things are just meant to be. ~ Rated PG

  • Morning Ritual ~ Morning in the Fraser/Vecchio home. ~ Rated PG

  • Packmates ~ Ray and Diefenbaker have a little chat. ~ Rated G

  • A Rude Awakening ~ A cold Mountie. A warm Cop. Sparks fly. ~ Rated PG

  • Safety ~ A companion piece to I've Found a Way, told from Benny's point of view. ~ Rated G

  • Secrets ~ Benny and Ray go shopping. ~ Rated PG

  • Snowfall ~ Benny is feeling homesick, but Ray knows how to cheer him up. ~ Rated G

  • Spring Cleaning ~ Ma Vecchio takes care of her home. ~ Rated G

  • Stoic ~ Benny is a good patient. ~ Rated PG

  • Tension ~ Benny has been working long hours, and Ray isn't happy about it. ~ Rated PG


    Drabbles are stories that contain exactly 100 words.

  • A Rose is a Rose A sequel to Valentine

  • Batter

  • Candles

  • Flu

  • The Hat of Magical Powers

  • Heat

  • In Like a Lion

  • New Year's Eve

  • Rain

  • Reading

  • Sofa

  • Thanksgiving

  • Valentine

  • Warmth

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