Hi and welcome to my humble home.

Just wanted to warn you if you don't know already that this page is FULL of Slash. For those kids who should not be here but are anyway. Slash means in fan fiction and fan art those pictures and stories that have to do with two or more men having a romantic/sexual relationship. So in other words.. GAY! Now if this makes you... unhorny or say things like EWW EWW EWW! leave! If on the other hand you like this stuff and you happen to be over the age of maturity in the country/state/whatever you happen to be in. Come on in...
You'll might like what you find..

Step in and enjoy my humble house of ... slash...

Simon Erif ©

PS: One day there might be a Finnish version of these pages
coming up but until then I hope you will enjoy them just as well.


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