Webster’s Dictionary says “shiftless: lacking in ambition or incentive; lazy”.  They’re not too far off the mark.


shift(less) is the electronic music alter ego of Mark Loeffelbein.  Born and raised in the ‘burbs of southeast Michigan, he acquired a love of music at an early age, from Def Leppard and Billy Squier to Duran Duran.  He was exposed to “electronic” music much later, enjoying early Ministry, Spahn Ranch, and Electric Hellfire Club.  Finally he was introduced to techno, and soon after the alter ego took control.  This newfound creative outlet has resulted in a self-produced EP, “dark matter...lazy matter”.  Reactions have ranged from guarded enjoyment (“it reminds me of video-game-music” says one listener) to utter indifference.  Different strokes for different folks, as they say.





Feb. 19, 2004:  The web site hits the, uh, web.  Yeah.  More stuff to be added as I think if it, probably.  Also check out the interview with the guys at the Markophone.  Nice, those guys, but a little flaky.



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Email shift(less) at markophone@yahoo.com   Drop me a line if you want to be added to the shift(less) mailing list.  blah blah blah


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