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LATEST UPDATE: Just Posted 04-25-06
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Sad News Indeed

At thirteen, I visited my sixth grade teacher whom I admired, and made a brash announcement, "I have decided to become a writer." To my surprise and pleasure, she praised my decision and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

When I was forty-eight, I came across a marvel that I never thought I would see in my life. Someone was offering a Christian SF magazine in the classified ads of Analog. Not only did I immediately subscribe, but I volunteered my energies in any capacity they needed me. GateWay publisher B. Joseph Fekete (pronounced Fe-Ke-Tee, by the way) immediately wrote back that he would love to have me on the staff. The pay wasnít much (all right, it wasnít anything), but hey, I was doing it for the love of the genre, and for the love I felt for my Lord.

What followed were several years (close to four and a half) of some really fine times. I edited a couple of books, and I read hundreds of very fine stories that were Christian in nature while still being SF. I helped fledgling writers, who shared my passion for the written word and for SF, learn their craft.

And I became acquainted with Joe and more recently, Ann. Two friendships that I will always treasure.

Alas, however, all good things must come to an end. Due to a series of events, we, the staff of GateWay have decided that its time to take a hiatus. In each one of our lives, God has indicated that He has other duties and responsibilities that must take precedence, and so, for a while, we are going to labor elsewhere. Our tentative plan is to take a two-year hiatus and then consider a restart at that time.

To those of you who have faithfully followed GateWay from its inception, we thank you for your loyalty. To those of you who just recently found us, we regret that we cannot stick around any longer. To every one of you we wish you good reading, good writing and Godís great and manifold blessings.

Thanks for being there for us. Take care and God bless.


And Joe and Ann say Amen and ditto (except for the personal history, of course)

We are a Christian Science Fiction webzine, with a companion PDF Edition -- filling a very special niche in the field of science fiction: combining HARD SCIENCE FICTION PLOTS with Christian themes. We are not here to judge, bible thump or to make converts, but merely present the very best possible stories that deal equally with Faith & Science. As a magazine, good science fiction story telling will always be our highest goal.

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