Kevin and I are Westward Bound! LA, baby!
I am taking on the newly created position of Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Team Leader at the University of Southern California Library System. GO TROJANS!

Wherever I live, being an aunt is very important to me! I'm proud to be known as Auntie Sara by these important people: Mindy, Stacie, Brenna,
Lucy & Cindi (nieces), Rich and Steve & Mo Jr. nephews, and Mary (goddaughter; daughter of my friend since 7th grade!).

For Professional Activities, see my CV Page.

Here are a few of my most-used links:

     - http://sarat_la.blogs.com/my_weblog/ ; a blogging experiment
     - My Dad's experience in the WWII Army Air Corps - a page in progress!
     - Google Advanced Search (still yields me the best results and now allows proximity searches)
     - Special Libraries Association, Engineering Division - SLA-ENG

Cool Transportation:

     - I learned to fly airplanes again in 2001! (Click here for photos and info!)
     - Kev and I are the proud owners of a black beauty 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser! This way cool vehicle has many fans!
       See, for instance, the official club page.

Library Links (see CV for more serious):

     - Special Librarian's Alphabet for the 21st Century!
     - The Lipstick Librarian - includes some cool links (thanks to Liz B.!)
     - Librarians in the Movies Bibliography (thanks Annamarie!)

Activist Links:

I've been an activist for human rights in a variety of venues, particularly women's rights and particularly the National
Organization for Women (NOW) for over 20 years. Here are some of my current favorite activist links:

     - Childless by Choice
     - Illinois Chapter, American Civil Liberties Union
     - Illinois Women's Funding Federation (IWFF)
     - National Organization for Women (NOW) Home Page
     - Peacefire.org, The Youth Alliance Against Internet Censorship

Japanese Links:

     - Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, where my sister's family lived and I stayed
     - Sailor Moon!- My nieces loved, and now I do, too!
     - Doraemon, the super cat afraid of mice!- My nieces loved him, too!

Literary Links:

     - The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks (a poetry site!)
     - Favorite feminist poet and author: Marge Piercy
     - Favorite feminist SF author: Ursula K. LeGuin

Theatre Links:

     - Blue Man Group! Stacie's pal Boomer & and the rest of the Chicago company are awesome!
     - Bailiwick Repertory Theatre -They put on the splendid physics play "now then again" by Penny Penniston!
     - City Lit Theater Company - THE best ever Woodhouse productions!

Webbed Links:

     - About.com's HOAX site - Read these pages before forwarding e-mail stories!
     - WIRED Magazine's practical and weird WebMonkey
     - HYPE'S Color Specifier

Miscellaneous Links:

     - Barbie (TM) - Yes, I collect and I am still a feminist!
     - Dr. Andrew Weil's Site - Some good health tips, only a few too far out for me!
     - Aromatherapy.com - Affirmations are good!

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