Giovanni was impressed by a man named Dr.Fuji.  Fuji was a brilliant geneticist, he had cloned several different kinds of pokemon in his experiments, but what he really wanted was to make a clone of his daughter, Ai, who had died in a car accident.  Giovanni offered Fuji the best facilities possible if he Fuji created a powerful pokemon clone for him.  Fuji agreed.

Fuji's first attempts were with a Charmander, Bulbasaur and a Squirtle, but Giovanni was not impressed, he wanted something more powerful.  A team of scientists working for Fuji and Giovanni discovered a rare fossil of a Mew's eyelash.  Taking the fossil back to the lab, the scientists began to work on the perfect clone.  Now Giovanni was pleased, soon he would have his ultimate weapon.  It took many tries before the scientists finally enhanced the DNA and cloned Mewtwo.

During the time that Mewtwo was developing, Fuji cloned his daughter Ai (who was killed in a car crash). He gave her all the memories and experiences that she had previously had, so she remembered everything that had ever happened to her.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo felt all alone, he had no one to talk to, he kept pondering two questions,  "Who am I?  Why am I here?"  Ai made contact with Mewtwo mentally and became his friend, she teaches him all about the outside world, the other cloned pokemon are there as well.  Mewtwo learns to count and speak.  Ai cares for him and is his best friend.  Fuji knows what Ai is doing and monitors what is going on daily.

Soon the worst happens.....The clones begin to disintigrate.....
First the other pokemon, then Ai......Before she dies, she says to Mewtwo, "Rejoice in life......"  Mewtwo asks her why she is leaving and then brushes a tear off his cheek, he asks Ai what is this?  Ai says, "Your crying, all living things shed tears when they are in pain....."  Then Ai dies.  This so upsets Mewtwo that it activates his powers and in the lab he begins to wake up.....The scientists have to sedate Mewtwo and during the rest of the time that he grows up, Mewtwo is alone, he keeps asking himself who he is, and does he have a purpose, he still thinks of Ai as well....
Mewtwo's Story
I didn't made it up. I did some research and found this story.
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