Mewtwo and Me #6 (Cousin Sanders) by. Ryan H.

After we left New Island. We got on the mainland. But, we are still far away from Pallet Town. Ever since Frankinstien did his flying act, we let him fly around to look for obstacles in our way. Then Ash ask, “Do you thing it is alright to send Frankinstien off?” Then Misty said, “I think he’s right.” I said, “Look, We are 4 Pokemon Trainers with their own Pokemon. There will be no problem.”
A minute later.  We are trapped in a hole dug by Team Rocket. “HA, HA, HA, we finally got Pikachu.” “And no ugly freak in sight.”
I landed on the ground to rest. Then I got in a small, tight, and dark space. I broke free from that Pokeball. And then I saw a small human with a Donfan and a Ursaring. Donfan used Rollout. I use Disable. Donfan can’t use Rollout. Ursaring used Slash. I evaded the attack. I was about to use Tail Lash.  But, a Snbbbull bit on my tail. So, I fling the Snubbull at Ursarings face. The kid said, “Go Scizor!” The little brat sends out a giant bug. I use Confusion. The Scizor wasn’t damage much. Scizor used Hyper Beam. That almost hit me. I used Flash while Scizor recharging. While they are blinded, I escape. I flew into the woods, far away from that short human.
I decided to find Ryan and the other humans. Then I saw those 2 Rockets that I saw at New Island. They got that Pikachu. One of those Rocket said, “And no ugly freak in sight.”
“O.K. Ash, we use our Pokemon to get out off hear.” We were about to use our Pokemon, when we heard. BAING! WANG! BOOM! “AAAAHHHH!” CRUNCH! “MY FACE!” <Now who is ugly now!> POW! “LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!”
After Frankinstien lifted us from the hole. We sat back under a tree and stared laughing. Frankinstien look at us in a strange way. <You 4 don’t seem to be acting strange in this situation.> Then Pikachu said, “Pika pika cu pika pi.” Then Frankinstien said, <Oh.> Then we saw a Spinarak Craw down the tree and landed on Misty. Misty screamed, “AAAAHHHHHH. A BUG! A BUG!” Then Frankinstien said, <Now that is funny.> Well, Misty turned her attention to Frankinstien. Then let to a frenzy of bad mouthing. Then I saw the Spinarak crawling into the woods. I send out Jay. Jay uses Furry Attack. Spinarak was weaker. I throw my Pokeball. I caught Spinarak. I will name him Araknoid.
An hour latter.  We are heading towards Pallet Town. Then Tracy said, “I go to officer Jenny for help.” Then he went off. We went to the edge of Pallet Town. Then we saw 3 Rockets interrogating this boy. “Where is Mewtwo you little brat?” Frankinstien said, <That little pest I met in the forest. He is the scum of the human race.” Then Ash said, “That’s my Cousin, Craig Sanders.” I said, “Doesn’t matter. We must save him.”

                              Will Ryan, Frankinstien, Ash, and Misty chase off Team Rocket alone?
                                         Be sure to catch #7 (The Battle Against the Boss)
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