Ryan Howard:
Ryan lives in Pallet Town. But originaly live in New Bark Town in the Johto Regioh. He is the top student of Prof. Oak. Ryan belive that there is more to Pokemon than people give them credit for. His Pokemon are Mewtwo, Flareon, Totodile, Mareep, Fearow, and Spinarak.   
Frankinstien, A.K.A. Mewtwo:
Frankinstien is the strongest Pokemon. He was geneticly altered by Dr. Fuji. His original trainer was Giovanni, the evil leader of Team Rocket. But Frankinstien now has no memory of his past. He was attack by an unknow evil being. Because of that, he lost all his memory. His present trainer is Ryan Howard.
Other Characters
Ash Ketchum:
Ash is not to bright. But if he can win the Orange Trophy. Than he is worthy for the Johto League. He loves his Pikachu and his other Pokemon. His goal is to is to be the best Pokemon Master. He realy wants to beat his rival "Gary". Will Ash become Pokechamp?
Misty Willam:
Misty is a girl who is veary jealeous of her sisters. She likes water Pokemon. She also love her Topegi. She fallows Ash around because he wreak her bike, But we all know the real reson!!!!

Note:  There is lots of debate on Misty's last name. The alternative last name is Waterflower.
Brock was the Gym Leader of Pewter City. He now want to be a breeder. He like girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, and Pokemon.
Tracy is a Pokemon Watcher. He likes to study and make sketches of rare Pokemon. He is a big fan of Prof. Oak reserch.
Gary Oak:
Gary is the grandson of Prof. Oak. He is a the rival of Ash and Ryan. He also wants to be Pokechamp.
Craig Sanders:
Craig is the little, anoiying cousin of Ash. He is the rival of Ryan. He likes Pokemon that uses phsyical strenth. He is very inpulsive, kinda like his cousin.
Prof. Oak:
Oak is a wold famouse Pokemon resercher. He gave Pokemon to Ash, Gary, and Ryan.
Sara Oak:
She is the older sister of Gary. She is a good friend of Ryan. But are they more then friends?
Evil Bad Guys
Prof. Elm:
Elm is a Pokemon Prof. in the Johto. He is the uncle of Ryan.
Main Characters.
The Electric Mouse Pokemon, he is the first Pokemon of Ash. He may be small, but he is very loyal and reliable
More Characters coming soon
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