American Saddlebred
(Monaco[r] x Almost Paradise[r] by King's Melody Man)
1993 Bright Bay OF Breyer QVC SR ASB.  New & Unshown.  Monaco[r] (sire) is a 3-gaited park and fine harness champion and Almost Paradise –R (dam) was a National Champion.  Notable bloodlines include CH Buck Roger (World Grand Champion & champion sire), King’s Melody Man, Commander Denmark, and Stonewall’s Beau Peavine.Bloodlines: CH Buck Roger, CH Anachaco Shamrock, Commander Denmark, Rhythm Command
FFC: 1995

Sophisticated Gent
(Firewind Steele x Firewind Amethyst by Wonka Spritz)
1990 Dark Chestnut OF Breyer #862.  LS halter winner & LS placed many times!
Bred by WMHS.  Firewind Steele (sire) is a multi-PS champion.  Bloodlines: Real Grand Strander(2x), Wing Commander, Bourban Genius, Commander King FFC: 1992

Standing Ovation
(DHR's Smooth One x Wind Designs
by Gypsy Prince)
1988 Black Tobiano Pinto OF Breyer #1141.  Bred by Double Hart Ranch.

PS Reserve Champion DHR’s Smooth One (sire) was a NAN Top Ten winner!  Bloodlines include Gypsy Prince (model- Res Champ), King’s Plume, Chief of Greystone, Wing Commander, and Bourmont.  Ovation is sire of a PS & LS winner. FFC: 1990

(Night of Roses[r] x Firewind Belle by Frosty Irish)
1988 Dapple Grey OF Breyer Five Gaiter.  New & unshown. Bred by WMHS.  Sire is a champion and sire of NSH & ASB champs.  Dam is a champion photo shower.  Bloodlines: Society Rex, VH Valley View Supreme, CH Wing Commander, Status Symbol
FFC: 1990  

A Midsummer Dream
(Supreme Sultan[r] x  Supreme’s Casindra[r]
by Stonewall Supreme)
1980 Dark Bay OF Breyer #1165.
PS halter placed  Bred by Hoyt Fortenberry.  Sire is a champion and sire of numerous champions!  Bloodlines: CH Valley View Supreme, Stonewall Supreme, Anachaco Denmark, The Genius Open Years: 1983-1991,1994-2003

(Chubasco[r] x Mountain Highland Rhythm[r]
by Oman's Anachaco)
1984 Chestnut Tobiano OF Breyer SM.
LS halter placed many times! Bloodlines: CH Yorktown, CH Wing Commander, Bourbon King, Anachaco Denmark(2x)
Open Years: 1987-1989,1991-2002,2004-2007

(Our Grey Dawn[r] x Sutton’s Gala Rhapsody[r]
by Bright Guy)
1985 Dapple Grey OF Breyer QVC SM SR.  New, Unshown. Bred by Ironbark American Saddlebreds, Sydney, Australia®. Bloodlines: Wing Commander, Anachaco Shamrock(2x), Royal Kalarama, Kalarama Rex
Open Years: 1988-1991,1994-2008

Gold Temptress 
(Anachaco’s Gold Commander x Amber Temptress
by Malbren Bay[r])
1996 Palomino OF Breyer SM
LS halter placed. Bred by Nightstar Farms.  Bloodlines: Wing Commander, Knollandaire, Royal Top Brass, King’s Alice Genius Open Years: 1999 –2000, 2002- 2019

Lackawana Tryin'
(DA Fizzical x Loretto Gray Flyte[r] by Shamrock's Misty Flyte)
1994 Rose Gray OF Breyer SR OM SM. 
2x NAN Qualified, LS Res. Champ.  Bred by Indigo Creek Stables.  DA Fizzical is a PS champion, sire of champions, and is by Cindi Nakagawa’s superb stallion Boom!, the ’95 NAN Nat’l CH Amer Gtd Breed!  Boom!’s bloodlines are very hard to find in this hobby…own a descendent of his with this ID!  Other numerous CHs are found in dam’s pedigree as well.  Bloodlines: Attache, Supreme Sultan, Champagne Fizz, Model of Society Open Years:  1999,2001-present
Foal must be a successful shower!  Lackawana Tryin's bloodlines are some of the most sought after in the hobby!

Silver Rhythm

(The Silver Lining[r] x Mountain Highland Rhythm[r]
by Oman's Anachaco)
1982 Dapple Grey OF Breyer
SM.  LS Winner & LS Halter Placed!  Owned by Blue Grass Farm/Natalie Januzis.  Sire was a champion and sire of champions.  Bloodlines include CH Yorktown, CH Wing Commander, Anacacho Denmark, and Oman’s Desdemona Denmark.Open Years: 1985-1989,1993-1994,1996-2005

Southern Belle

(Harlem Globetrotter[r] x  Supreme Star
by Star Fortune[r])
1983 Black Breyer LB ASB. LS halter placed. Owned by Blue Grass Farm/Natalie Januzis. Bloodlines: Stonewall King, Kalarama Rex, Mr. Magic Man, CH Wing Commander(2x)

Open Years: 1986-1991,1993,1995-2006

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