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The Condemned

WWE Superstars’ rave reviews are rolling in for The Condemned. The WWE Films action/adventure flick starring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hits theaters nationwide Friday. 

“It was cool seeing Stone Cold on the big screen. The fight scenes were awesome,” Carlito said. “There were a lot of intense action sequences, plus there was some comedy in it. I thought it was a really, really good film.”

The Condemned reminded Tommy Dreamer of one of his favorite movies, Escape from New York, which featured wrestler Ox Baker.


Ronaldo is not new name for any one who love football. At one time he dominate the World football and he still doing. He is world Star Striker that's not doubt. After operation of his both knees everyone says Ronaldo career is ended, he couldn't play football again or if made it but he won't reach at that pick point there he was before injuries. But only his National Coach shows faith in him. He believe that Ronaldo still has the game and he want to use that Ronaldo's game. And Ronaldo never down his Coach faith he gave his coach what he wanted.


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