A Dogs Soul

Every dog must have a soul, somewhere deep inside,

Where all his hurts and grievances are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad, the wrong way from the right,

And where his judgement carefully is hidden from our sight.

A dog must have a secret place, where every thought abides,

A sort of close acquaintance that he trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for himself, He cannot speak,

Rebuked, He finds within his soul, the comfort he must seek.

He'll love, tho'he is unloved, and he'll serve tho'badly used,

And one kind word will wipe away the times when he's abused.

Altho' his heart may break in two, his love will still be whole,

Because God gave to every dog an understanding Soul!


A Dog's Love

A companion, a pal,

A very best friend.

Someone to trust,

To love 'til the end.

Someone to trust,

When feeling blue.

Always a smile,

T'always greet you.

Always a smile,

To dry up your tears.

A person to be there,

To quiet your fears.

A person to be there,

When lonely or sad.

Loving regardless,

If hating or mad.

Loving regardless,

If caring or cruel.

No matter what,

Genius or fool.

No matter what,

They stand by you.

Who is this person,

Have you a clue?

Who is this person?

I'll tell you who.

This is your dog,

That loves through 'n through.

~ Author Unknown ~

A Birthday Poem from the Dog

You feed me when I'm hungry,

You keep water in my dish,

You let me sleep on anything,

Or in any place I wish.

You sometimes let me lick your hands,

Or even lick your face,

Despite the fact I've licked myself

In every private place.

You taught me how to come when called,

You taught me how to sit,

You always let me go outside

So I can take a ...........stroll.

I've been with you through oh, so much,

Through laughter and through tears,

I hope you live to be a hundred......

(that's 700 in doggy years!).

Author unknown

Four Legged Friend

You come to me a blessing I know

Lent to me from above

To teach me to soft a kind

And giving of all mankind

How I look in those bright brown eyes

My hearts melts or so sweet and kind

I treasure you know

But your job so big

and mine so small

For I know nothing of forgives

to some of mankind

and you only in return ask for

a pat or game of flecth , meal and water

I will do this with out a problem

for you touch my heart and soul

but my four legged friend

If you teach me the

unconditional love as you have

I know the world can be a better place

this written by a friend as a Welcome gift to Cigale

my new puppy friend please donot take it unless you ask

~ Unknown ~

Christmas Dog

Tonight's my first night as a watchdog,

And here it is Christmas Eve.

The children are sleeping all cozy upstairs,

While I'm guardin' the stockin's and tree.

What's that now---footsteps on the rooftop?

Could it be a cat or a mouse?

Who's this down the chimney?

A thief with a beard--- And a big sack for robbin' the house?

I'm barkin', I'm growlin', I'm bitin' his butt.

He howls and jumps back in his sleigh.

I scare his strange horses, they leap in the air.

I've frightened the whole bunch away.

Now the house is all peaceful and quiet again.

The stockin's are safe as can be.

Won't the kiddies be glad when they wake up tomorrow

And see how I've guarded the tree.

~ Author Shel Silverstein ~

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