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by Richard L Cohen

June 30, 2010

Mom and Dad, I think about you both so often. My memory is becoming a considerable problem, but I want to write one of my memories today, on this, my 62nd birthday. I am often reluctant to write because it is not easy for me to do, and it does not come naturally. But as Gail just pointed out, I would not be here to celebrate my 62nd birthday if not for you.

I remember how you both took care of me, even when I was an adult. I remember that you were always concerned about whether I was eating enough. Even when I was no longer living at home with you (in the home you built before you built me), and was on my own living at my own place, I remember how often I would come home and find food in the fridge that you prepared for me and brought over to me. I remember times when you, Dad, came over with Dave Rosenzweig to bring me things. All these memories touch my heart very deeply, as you kept showing me your deep love for me.

I laughed when I heard that, one day before I returned from a trip to Israel in late December 1988, you both took my son, your grandson, Yoni, out to eat with you. Apparently you had coffee at the table which Yoni, then only a year and a half old, was trying to taste. "Look Morty, he's drinking coffee!" Your expression must have been priceless, Mom.

One of my most incredible memories was of you, Mom. The time was very close to when you passed away. Dad and I kept coming every day to be with you in the hospital. It was night time, and I had wanted to stay with you all night. I don't remember how Dad got home because he was no longer able to drive. I don't think that Sandy was in town, so I must have driven Dad to the nursing home he was staying in at the time, and then gone back to the hospital to be at your side. You were sound asleep in your bed. I remember that at some point you woke up and found me leaning over you. You somehow mustered the strength to touch me and speak to me. You said something to the effect of, "Go home Richie and go to bed. You need rest."

Here you were, Mom, in the hospital and terminally ill. And yet you were concerned about my getting enough rest. Even at this point in your life, you were still taking care of me, as you had since I was born. It is now 20 years later, and this memory still touches me so deeply that I feel the need to cry, and I feel my deep love for you. I will remember this forever!

Mom and Dad, I know that there were times in both your lives when you questioned whether I still loved you. I am so very, very sorry that I ever gave either of you cause to question my deep and abiding love for you both. I pray that you came to know that I always loved you both so very much! From the innermost depths of my heart and soul, I pray that you know that I do still LOVE YOU BOTH, and I will LOVE YOU BOTH eternally!!! May God bless and keep you both!

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